cool hit counter Drivers tremble! The most powerful ticketing tool "Haiyan System" is now on duty!_Intefrankly

Drivers tremble! The most powerful ticketing tool "Haiyan System" is now on duty!

Car Morning Tea 2017-12-23

In recent years, the development of artificial intelligence can be described as fast and furious, in various fields, constantly refreshing people's perception of it, just like the great electronic computer founder Alan Turing's paper published in the journal Ideas, artificial intelligence is moving towards having the ability to judge complex events and possess the ability to solve complex problems.

In the recent past, AI has accomplished such feats as speech recognition, machine translation, automatic summarization or writing of text, victory over international Go champions, autonomous question answering, and especially a quantum leap in image recognition.

Street cameras identify vehicles and pedestrians

Fast & Furious 7, the passionate action film released two years ago, showcased car jumps, building speeders and the usual big-legged hotties, spilling over to create an exciting, hot and blood-curdling atmosphere.

Fast and Furious 7 Poster

One of the coolest features is the "Eye in the Sky" system, which uses biometric recognition to call up cameras and audio systems (e.g., cell phones) from any location, so that the person or thing you're searching for can't be seen. From a technology standpoint, both then and now. Want to complete the implementation of the "eye in the sky" system is still very difficult, but, in theory, it is very feasible, and the film is clear, logical and reliable, with a forward-looking vision of future security applications.

Vehicle Information Recognition System

In reality, a prototype of the "Eye in the Sky" system exists, and is actually based on the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC), which is currently deployed as a reference prototype and has been developed and used significantly this year.

At home and abroad, major cities wind up with a sea of camera systems, domestic such as Haiyan system, SkyNet system and so on. More and more "cameras" aggregated to this large system, if a large amount of data can be synchronized through the database means to achieve information, through the image recognition algorithm (neural network, capsule network) to recover the data, then ordinary roadside cameras will be able to have a very strong function, do not underestimate them Oh, artificial intelligence era is really not far. Today we list another system to share with you - Haiyan Systems Engineering.

"Haiyan System"

Speaking of monitoring vehicles moving on the road, I have to mention the great and famous "Haiyan System", Anyone who drives a car knows this name by heart, have nothing to say“ Yan, a vassal state of Zhou in modern Hebei and Liaoning” color change。

Does the sight of so many security cameras make you shudder? Don't worry, listen to the explanation of "Haiyan System".

So what exactly is the "Haiyan System"?

Haiyan system is mainly through the laying of surveillance cameras to collect images of moving vehicles and analyze the details of passing vehicles information, of course, not only simply to collect license plate, time and location information.

Compared to traditional vehicle monitoring systems, "Haiyan System" It can also perform secondary analysis of passing vehicles, Including the model of the vehicle、 vehicle registration、 color、 annual review mark、 interior decorations、 Is it a set of cards、 Whether to drive and talk on the phone、 Capture information such as whether the driver and passenger are wearing seat belts, Making violations of urban road safety go unnoticed。

by way of analogy, The traditional electronic eye is as unstable as the ancient archery、 unhappy、 prohibit, but (not) "Haiyan System" It's like a modern-day missile., stable、 standard、 Fast features, It's as epochal as the cold warrior entering the hot warrior era。

Technology Revealed - How does the Haiyan System gain superpowers?

In fact, the answer lies in the rapid development and explosion of artificial intelligence in recent years, "Haiyan system" is the use of deep learning algorithms, and auxiliary high-performance servers, vehicle data, deep mining, analysis of vehicle information.

Deep Learning (Deep Learning) is the most recent emerging direction of the hottest artificial intelligence algorithms. By building machine learning models with massive amounts of training data and multiple hidden layers, unsupervised autonomous learning can be performed, and the system will continuously learn on its own to substantially improve the accuracy of classification, prognosis, and decision making.

Deep learning uses a layered structure similar to that of traditional neural networks, and the system belongs to a multilayer network structure consisting of an input layer, a hidden layer (multilayer), and an output layer. The layers are characterized by the fact that layer nodes exist only between adjacent layers and are not connected across layers, a hierarchical structure close to that of the human brain, with each layer being a logistic regression model.

Based on this powerful algorithm, "Haiyan system" can achieve high efficiency and accuracy of the secondary recognition function, in addition to the traditional electronic eye violation information judgment, but also able to monitor the depth of other information in the photo judgment.

The data processing capability of "Haiyan System" is also very powerful, capable of processing 1 million pictures per day, 15 pictures per second, recognizing more than 400 kinds of car labels and 5000 kinds of car models, and also recognizing all the details inside the car and giving accurate information judgment.

With the Haiyan system, all driving violations will be invisible!

Failure to wear seat belts

Making and receiving hand-held telephone calls

Hands off the steering wheel behavior

Even the "green light" behavior, which drivers usually don't pay much attention to, will be monitored.

"Running the green light" brings traffic to a standstill

Although the "Haiyan system" makes the majority of drivers talk about the tiger, we are also discussing whether the country has been launched, according to information provided by users, only in Suzhou for a pilot run.

There is not much information about it on the official website of our Ministry of Transport, but only a flurry of discussions on the Internet.

Although "Haiyan system" is powerful, but it is indeed the standardization of road safety driving norms strong protection, so that the majority of drivers always think about compliance with traffic safety laws and regulations, to maintain road, personal safety.

You show mercy to the violation, the accident shows no mercy to you!

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