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In our daily work, we often consult English documents to solve problems and broaden our horizons. If you see a good article or book and want to share it with your friends, then let's translate it together ~

Translation claims "Sindhia" . "Faith" means that the meaning does not contradict the original text, that is, the translation should be accurate, not deviating, not omitting, and not arbitrarily adding or subtracting meaning; "reach" means not being bound to the form of the original text, the translation is smooth and clear; "elegant" means that the words chosen in the translation should be decent, and the text itself should be pursued for its antiquity, simplicity and elegance. As non-professional translators, it is not easy to achieve the above three points, but we need to work in this direction as much as possible. One is to improve one's expression and reading skills; the other is to be able to give the reader a better understanding of the author's original thoughts. There is a saying that one does not truly understand until one makes sense of others.

2017 year 6 month 5 sun,iKcamp Start translation Book 2 —— 《 JavaScript Lightweight Functional Programming》. If you've read iKcamp's recent posts about the book on Nuggets, Know or Public, you should have a general idea of the book, which is written by the world-famous What You Don't Know About JavaScript The original author of the book . It aims to explore the core ideas of functional programming, but does not use a lot of complex concepts to explain them, so it is called "lightweight functional programming". "Lightweight" does not mean that this book is an "introductory" book; rather, it contains a variety of intricate details and delves into each point in the hope that it will give the reader a deeper understanding of functional programming.

As the Master of this translation project, I learned how to organize a translation project and how to customize a translation plan in this process. In the spirit of iKcamp's sharing, here's an overview of our translation process, some of the problems we encountered, how we solved them, and the points to be optimized. I hope that after reading this you can gain some understanding of organizing a translation project and then also come up with your own suggestions or solutions that you can also apply to your own projects.

Project details.

  • Book title.《Functional-Light JavaScript》
  • Author. Kyle Simpson
  • Number of articles. 21 articles
  • Participating members. 17 children in iKcamp
  • Estimated completion time. 2 months

Issues to consider.

There are many issues that need to be considered before starting a translation, and the following are some of the points that I have considered before starting the project, and they are listed to discuss with you.

  • How to ensure translation quality
  • How to make every member familiar with Translation process harmony Translation norms
  • How to ensure translation progress
  • Contacts between members solution 1、 How to ensure translation quality Translation projects are naturally where the quality of the translation is most important, So how do you ensure quality translations when you don't have too few members? harmony Where's the translation progress?? harmony buster Au After some deliberation, we decided to go with grouping system The strategy. The Master will be assigned to the team leader, who will be assigned to a member of the team who has translation experience. The benefits of splitting the group are as follows.
  • Since the group leader has already participated in the translation program, he will be able to better answer the questions of the group's partners
  • Group leaders have more freedom to assign duties harmony More power to control the translation progress of the group members harmony Translation quality
  • The team leader controls the quality of the team's translations, and the Master controls the quality of the team's translations.

2. How to make every member familiar with Translation process harmony Translation norms

If every member is made familiar with Translation process harmony Translation norms Then the following requirements are to be met.

  • Have a document that clearly spells out how to go through the entire translation process.
  • This document should be easy to open and support all systems with no formatting hindrances.
  • Every little one can access it at any time.

Based on these requirements, our final strategy was to create a new repository on GitHub and present the entire translation process in a Markdown format, from a reader's perspective. The specific link can be Click here.

3. How to ensure the progress of translation

This is actually a bit of a headache, Because the participating partners may come from different companies harmony Different sectors, Then their timing is also uncertain。 Maybe a little busy sometimes., Sometimes there's nothing to do., How can we make sure that the translation is done with high quality by our partners while ensuring the progress of the translation??

The way I was thinking about it was to give each process a deadline, this one deadline is the most generous time that can be given based on the project schedule, Then when claiming the translator, The little ones can decide according to their recent availability of time Translation completed initialization, Just be in this deadline It was all right before。 Here's a screenshot from when we claimed it。

The basic format is. Type of adoption( interpret/ calibrate claim (as one's property))- Cut-off time。 This will allow the little ones to take control of their own progress without forcing everyone's progress. The time was chosen by myself, haha, so I'll have to finish in the allotted time.

4. Contact information between members

iKcamp of the little ones from different companies harmony Sectors that do not pass, But now working together on a translation project。 So how can you make it clear to your buddies what the current project is and how to discuss issues together?? Here's where we need a platform, You can visualize the progress of the current project, Also need a platform where you can communicate。 At the time, I had a few tools in mind.

  • Google Docs
  • Teambition
  • GitHub
  • microsoft

At the time, I thought Teambition was a good way to visualize and see the current progress of the project, but then I compared it to GitHub's solution and found that GitHub could do the same thing, such as using GitHub's labels and naming each process label to see the current progress of the project. Regarding this aspect of discussing issues, it's about finding a tool that allows everyone to participate and is easy to use. So in the end, GitHub was chosen to visualize the progress of the project and discuss it in a weibo group.

Solved the problem above, then actually preliminary It's almost done., Just follow the process step by step below。

Start translation

The translation can be roughly summarized in the following steps.

  • preliminary
  • Volunteering as a group to adopt translated articles
  • interpret, calibrate
  • integrate

I. Preparation

The Master raises each article to an issue, and each issue has a corresponding label, which can be used to visually confirm the current progress of the article. I have divided the issue labels into 8 categories.

The different labels correspond to the current progress of the article. The address of the corresponding original text is included at the bottom of the issue, so that the translator can more easily find the corresponding original text to translate, as in the image above.

2、 mainly Translation process

Adopt an article

Once the groups are divided, here we go In groups Adopt a translation article. Each group will discuss which articles they want to translate and then go to label as a group for Translator Claims of issue following Adopt an article。

The group leader goes to the corresponding issue Leave a message below“ Adopt a translator” later, Master will put issue The state of the “ Translator Claims” switch to “ Translation in progress”。

Assign the group, After claiming the article, Will leave time for careful reading Translation process harmony Translation norms。 lit. sharpen a knife but not chop wood, These are the foundations before the translation work begins, Once you're familiar with these, A lot of mistakes can be avoided harmony decrease calibrate The workload of the。

Start translation

Library of Functional Programming Proper Names

In the process of translation, it is inevitable that you will encounter many proper nouns that are not very clear in description. One way is to discuss in a group, and finally discuss the results and translate them in a group. But one of the disadvantages of this is that although there is unity within the group, there is no unity between the groups. So here, we built a Library of Functional Programming Proper Names In this library, we add all the proper nouns and their translations that we encounter in the translation process, so that we can look up the ones we don't quite understand when we translate them, unifying our translations and avoiding the situation of two translations of the same word.

Because the topic of this book is functional programming, most of this nomenclature is filled with proper nouns related to functional programming. You can decide the topic of the terminology library according to the project, or you can put all the terms you encounter during the translation process together, depending on your needs.

Translation completed

After the junior partner completes the translation, To be in GitHub launch Pull request, Then in PR Write the corresponding message under issue links。 thus PR harmony issue It's connected.。 After that the work would be mainly in PR The next message is completed.

The following are the two ways to initiate a Pull request.

After clicking on the button, the following page will appear, in the figure you can see that first select the target branch, then select the branch you built when translating, at this point a comparison of the files will be generated, then click below the Create pull request green button, a Pull request is successfully launched.

so far, Translation process It's over., The translation process can be summarized in the following steps:


How to proofread

When the translator finishes the translation and initiates a Pull request, the translator's submission will be recorded under the corresponding Pull request.

Tap in., Then you'll see the translator's change points, Place your mouse over the area you think you need to modify The line of, A dark blue one will come out plus sign + (math.), clicking plus sign + (math.), A text box will come up, Enter your suggestion in there, Click on the green button Start a review That is all.

one school: within a group calibrate

The first round of proofreading is intra-group proofreading, where members of the group swap articles among themselves to check Basic grammar harmony Formatting issues merge modify。 This way, before proceeding to the second round calibrate The workload is lessened when the。

second school: claim (as one's property) calibrate

After the completion of the first school, The equivalent of every article meets basic formatting specifications, All of them are able to express the basic idea of the author。 The next step is to start the process of“ real” calibrate —— second school。 second school mainly calibrate Accuracy of article sentences harmony smoothness, And the format.。

As with claiming translated articles, there are no restrictions, and members of the group discuss the articles they want to claim, then go to label for calibrate claim (as one's property) of PR Leave a comment below to claim calibrate。


each time calibrate After completion, The partners who translate this article are to be based on calibrate the views of those who have been consulted modify。 (located) at modify The process can put some ideas harmony Suggest throwing it into the group to discuss, in case harmony calibrate Disagreement between the parties, It can also be found in the calibrate The following is a reply to the message of the person who has made the request。 Finalized modify of the programme。

final edit

After one translation, two proofreads and two revisions, the article is almost ready as a whole, but the last step is to actually read the article as a reader: to experience the reader's feelings first hand; whether the sentences read well; whether there are any formatting errors that affect the reading experience. So the next step is the final round of proofreading-- final edit . Each of you can choose the articles that interest you to proofread. We also encourage you to leave a comment below with anything you can't understand and we'll discuss solutions together.

with respect to calibrate

There may be a misunderstanding here, It is calibrate It's easier than translating。 Actually, I don't think so。 I think translation harmony calibrate Equally important, Their time ratio should be very different。 calibrate to ensure the strength of the article、 Format and whether it can be understood by the reader, pay time too harmony Translations are equivalent or even worse。 So, our calibrate More than once。 Try to express the author clearly, And it's easy for readers to understand。 In this translation, I also left plenty of time for everyone to go calibrate, The text format、 The meaning of expression will be considered, Believe in the time you give harmony The results are proportional。


There is a lot of cross-referencing in the article, for example, Chapter 6 will quote the paragraph headings of Chapter 2. Since the translator may not understand the author's thoughts and context very well during the translation process, we put this step at the end. In the last step we uniformly change the references to ensure that the context is consistent.

III. Conclusion

The entire translation project is roughly what is described above and the process can be summarized as follows.

After 2 months, (located) at iKcamp the enthusiasm of the little partner harmony Insist on the successful completion of the next book。 I believe,iKcamp The little partner also gained a lot in this translation, Also overcame great difficulties。 In a stressful work situation, And also to finish the book with quality and quantity, It's not just enthusiasm., There is also a sense of responsibility that drives us to complete the translation of this book。 We would like to express our special thanks to ikcamp all members of the。 Interested little partners are also welcome to join in iKcamp come in, Let's play with the technology~

However, for the Master of the translation project, it is still a long way to go, because it is the first time to be the Master of the translation project, and I still lack experience in many areas. There are still the following points to be optimized in this translation process, after which you can think of some more interesting ways to organize your translation projects.

  • In translation harmony calibrate phase of seamlessness
  • Keeping the project on track
  • Uniformity of translation

Outputs of the current translation project

1、Basic chapter a presentation by ReactNative Flexbox HeightandWidth
2、Do you believe that Analytical tools have influenced the trajectory of the industry
3、UbuntuConfigure the default command
4、IndustryBefore I became a CTO I wish someone had told me this

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