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ECO Eco-Coin Registration Process

Registration link.

2.Click on the home page to register

After successful registration, open the following URL to log in for real name verification.

Real Name Authentication

clicking OK, then fill out the certification.

ECO Real Name Green Certification Innovation Notes.

ECO ecology and the national data center, the three major communication operators to open the big data interface, no need to upload ID photos, thorough protection of user privacy, to achieve the most simplified authentication process.

1️. real name in line with the three unified: mobile phone account holder's name, my name, ID card must be the same name, otherwise the real name does not match (account holder's name must be ️ telecommunications, mobile and other records ️ real name certification)

2️.Only 2 chances to authenticate your account per day, otherwise exceed the limit, please authenticate again after 3 days.

Certification Method II Suspension of Use: 4 photos

Upload the front and back of your ID card and the front and back of your handheld ID card.

For privacy reasons, a note must be posted: "ECO Certification Only".

The following is a sample version of an ID card to be held in one hand or in both hands.

How to take a handheld ID photo: speeding up the review

Click on My Miners - Start

Go here to have a free micro-miner and to promote more caring people to protect and develop the ecological cause.

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