cool hit counter ENSA and the new BTCBL trading platform to be launched_Intefrankly

ENSA and the new BTCBL trading platform to be launched

ENSA Families.

◆First of all, congratulations on the successful launch of our energy saving chain on the overseas version of's EXX platform! Every expansion is the beginning of an anticipation. Lots of laughter at every turn.

In this, this In April, Energy Saving Chain will continue to continue to explore blockchain territory.

ENSA will go live on April 16, 2018 BST on btcbl, the world's leading digital asset trading platform.

On-line energy saving chain Energy Saving Chain (abbreviation: ENSA, total issue: 2.1 billion)

Open ENSA/CC trading market, currently open for top-up, users can prepare for top-up in advance.

Understanding the energy efficiency chain

Energy Saving Chain is a technology that combines blockchain and energy efficiency to provide credible measurement and credible interaction for the new energy internet, ensuring the authenticity of all data on the platform.

Based on the decentralized nature, all participants are able to participate in the decision-making process, avoiding the presence of third parties. Moreover, the companies, institutions, organizations and individuals in the chain are directly equipped with intrinsic business connections.

Avoiding ineffective nodes allows for more efficient energy transactions, while directly discarding transaction data that is irrelevant to the industry, making the energy saving chain itself an ever-improving big data ledger for the energy efficiency industry.

Blockchain in the future development has been a major trend, the recent good also constantly, but the market response is very small, because the time has not arrived, right, I believe that the bull market will come, just need a trigger, we quietly wait .... (btcbl) platform registration address.

The official address of the energy efficiency chain is.


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