EOS Vulnerabilities Abound Is the Blockchain Really Safe?

The closer you get, the more likely you are to be confused. EOS has been one of the hot spots since day one of its existence. On the eve of the main online, there were 360 security vulnerabilities found in the front and Yuhong Chen Weixing disliking EOS. But as of now, EOS holders are not very motivated by this election. Instead, the EOS blockchain is locked in a middle ground between "up and running" and "live", and the completion of this process is entirely up to the user's wishes.

Recently, EOS was even hit again, node voting exposed huge private key security risks, more than a million EOS has been stolen. Thus, while users are eager to participate in voting, they fear that tools that enable them to vote may put their holdings at risk. Predictably, less than 5% of the vote so far has been more or less with security in mind. So is voting actually safe?

Although many blockchain and digital currency designs boast to be very secure, any software system that is very complex, and that complexity, poses risks and has security issues, and so does blockchain technology. The EOS node election, in a seemingly fair way, still hides a lot of variation in the mystery. EOS We recommend that you do not use private keys directly on any website. The importance of EOS in the history of blockchain development is surely known, if vulnerabilities are frequent, then sooner or later the credit will go bankrupt and spill over to the innocent. EOS is now valued at tens of billions, and if the vulnerability is exploited by hackers, it's hard to say if EOS will be screwed overnight at that point.

With the improvement of the blockchain ecosystem, the value attached to it is increasing day by day, and the security of the blockchain ecosystem is causing great concern. Due to the decentralized computing nature of blockchain networks, a security vulnerability in one blockchain node implementation can trigger an attack on thousands of nodes. Even denial-of-service vulnerabilities, which are considered relatively less harmful in the realm of traditional software vulnerabilities, can trigger a storm attack that can bring down an entire network in a blockchain network.

(Source: Millennium Finance)

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