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Double Challenge Technology& theatre— Beiwai One Good Academy East 4 Campus

Course Topic. Robotics Challenge, Drama Stage

Classes offered. Two classes each for 7-9 year olds and 10-12 year olds

Address: E PLUS Beiwai Yi Jia Academy East 4 Campus (3F, No.8 Dongsi South Street) (Exit C, Dongsi Subway Station)

Number of days. 8 days (32 hours of pure foreign teachers + 1 foreign assistant teacher + 1 Chinese class teacher)

Course Schedule

(The above course schedule is for reference only, details are subject to notice of departure)

Robot Challenge

Course content.

Learning swift programming, understanding sensors, computers, bricks, gears and motors, and programming LEGO robots.

Solving a series of puzzles using the swift language.

Teams work together to develop robots to complete challenges such as search and rescue!

Learning Objective.

- Recognize the five main sensors and their roles.

- Understanding the important role of variables in programming.

- Programming robots to complete short obstacle challenges.

- Recognize scientific languages suitable for programming and engineering.

- Use logic statements to solve multi-step programming challenges.

Theatrical Stage

Course content.

Using costumes, music and other challenges to create drama and take the first steps towards acting.

Learning to work with other actors and to make clever use of stage props.

Get scripts for exciting theatre and film shorts and work in groups to perform short films.

Learning Objective.

- Learning to use music and movement to convey dramatic meaning.

- Live and breathe the role.

- Learning to portray characters through voice and movement.

- Enhancing empathy through dramatic performance.

- Be brave and show yourself!

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