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ETS Secure Terminal related issues

ETS secure management terminals are now in use at all health insurance sites

If ETS is not logged in properly, it will not be able to connect to the dedicated health insurance network and swipe your card properly, so what to do if you encounter this problem, scroll down and be sure to read to the end!!!

Scenario 1: "...... Offline authentication is not supported"

This situation is addressed by.

1, there is a gray ETS icon in the lower right corner of the computer, click "System Settings" to see if the "Server IP" inside



If not change to red font content and save.

If you still get this message after changing it, it proves that the network is not working.

Scenario 2: "...... Username is bound to the terminal"

Scenario 3: "Username or password is incorrect"

ETS passwords are generally valid for three months , you need to contact the city information center to change your password if you need to reset it after it expires, BUT!!! But!!! You can change your own password before it expires, which will automatically renew the password expiration date.

To avoid embarrassment caused by expired passwords, I urge you to change your ETS password once a month on the last day of the month, and copy it in your notebook if you can't remember it~~.

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