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Jewel is moving forward

Bitvault is dropping the lawsuit and we are moving forward

In March of this year, we announced that a company called BitVault had sued Gems for trademark infringement. During this time, we are unable to update the community on progress. Although we ultimately concluded that the lawsuit had no merit, we decided to agree to change our name in the best interest of the Gem community. This means that Bitvault will drop the situation and in about six months we will change our name and the corresponding media handling.

In considering the new name, we had time to think about the core of what we were building. The simplest form is.

We allow people to do online work and get paid for it

In particular.

1, we are creating an ecosystem where employees with different skills, languages, geographic locations and economic backgrounds have access to meaningful work.

2, we allow small, medium and large businesses to find hard-working micro-tasking staff who will help them with their needs whenever and wherever they need it.

3 that we are removing the hierarchy between workers and requesters, making things cheaper for requesters and allowing workers to take home more of their wages because there is no intermediary or central authority.

4 that we are eliminating any centralized costs, removing authority from centralized entities, and giving it to workers and petitioners.

5 that we are creating an interactive community that believes that what we are doing is worthwhile because it makes a difference to one person.

Gemstone and Reveel Partner to Support Decentralized Media Marketplace

Reveel: the first blockchain company that sits on top of the Gemstone Protocol

Jewel is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Reveel. The Reveel platform will leverage the Gems agreement as part of its broader initiative to create a decentralized media marketplace. Through our integration, media owners using the Reveel platform will be able to leverage a global network of exceptional talent to help create multi-channel media campaigns.

"With Gems, media owners around the world will be able to easily hire affordable Reveel-certified individuals to create captivating digital media experiences. Gem will increase the scale of Reveel's business by providing access to media tags, a key resource responsible for providing content management and copywriting, a factor that limits the ability of many media owners to execute campaigns across multiple video media channels simultaneously. " - Jim Schreitmueller, CEO of Reveel

Reveel is a great example of an innovative blockchain company using gemstone protocols to make their mission a little easier. We couldn't play a smaller part in Reveel's continued success for this. Through this partnership, we hope to ease the burden of tagging images while enabling Reveel to do what they do best: create revolutionary technology.

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