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Electricity costs make up something to say

After the last episode was aired, many of you came to us to ask about why the calculation of the force transfer fee in the verification link deviated from the data given by the grid company. In order to make this point better, a second episode has been produced to give you a more systematic understanding of what types of electricity bills are available and what components are included. I hope this is helpful. We welcome you to participate in the survey and tell us what you most want to know about electricity reform.

Selling electricity, we mean business.

Mr. Bobo's Electricity Reform Classroom on the Composition of Electricity Bills

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China Huadian Corporation Jiangsu Branch was established in 2003 and was restructured as Huadian Jiangsu Energy Co. It now has 17 units under its jurisdiction, including Jurong Power Plant, Wangting Power Plant and Qishuyan Power Generation Company, with an installed power generation capacity of 11,482,000 kilowatts as of May 2018. Jiangsu Huadian Energy Sales Co., Ltd (Huadian Jiangsu Energy Co., Ltd) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Huadian Jiangsu Corporation.

Price Advantage

Factory direct sales, no price difference: actively fight for the benefit of users, so that large users enjoy wholesale price discount. With the commissioning of two new state-of-the-art 1 million units in 2018, Huadian Jurong Power Plant will become the largest power plant in Jiangsu Province with four 1 million units in installed capacity. Low production costs and more room for profitability.

Service Advantages

Equipped with a multi-disciplinary team of talents in Jiangsu region, the company actively cooperates with sister units Huadian Electric Power Research Institute and Guodian Nanzhi to provide full-cycle services such as technical selection, bidding and procurement, equipment supervision and construction, installation and engineering, operation and maintenance, and energy consumption management for customers' electric energy facilities.

Industry Advantages

1. China Huadian is one of the five national wholly state-owned power generation enterprise groups formed by the national power system reform at the end of 2002, and is a mega central enterprise supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

2. Huadian is one of the 13 members of the Jiangsu Electricity Market Management Committee and is directly involved in the proposal of direct electricity trading in Jiangsu.

3. With an installed capacity of 11,482,000 kilowatts, Huadian has a rich power supply structure and a high proportion of clean energy, which ensures a stable supply of electricity while meeting the different needs of customers.

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