Embedded and artificial intelligence relationship?

In saying the relationship between embedded and artificial intelligence, it is necessary to understand the two, artificial intelligence, needless to say, is the research, development of theories, methods, technologies and application systems used to simulate, extend and expand the human intelligence of a new technical science, simply put is that we see those intelligent robots, smart home these, these are artificial intelligence, and embedded, is application-centric, based on computer technology, hardware and software can be tailored to adapt the application system to the strict requirements of function, reliability, cost, volume, power consumption and other special computer systems. Simply put like the mobile phone we use, there are various functions, cuttable, removable battery, low energy consumption, etc., which is the application of embedded, just like the mobile phone, the phone is the application of embedded technology, and he is artificial intelligence, so have a little understanding, the next to make you more clear:.

The artificial intelligence referred to is the replacement of human intelligence by artificial means. There are two types of human intelligence: "thinking" and "acting". "Thinking" is the independent thinking of the brain, and "acting" is the state of interaction between the individual human being and the objective world, in addition to thinking there is also the perception and control of the external world. AlphaGo falls into the former category, where it plays against Lee Sedol and Ko Jie, and has to have an agent to translate its thinking skills into the act of playing chess against them. The way to implement the behavior of artificial intelligence is none other than embedded systems. In this regard, people in the field of artificial intelligence, generally defined these two kinds of artificial intelligence as "strong artificial intelligence" and "weak artificial intelligence".

Artificial intelligence cannot be embedded without it, and the vast field of artificial intelligence covers many disciplines and has many applications. The relationship between artificial intelligence and embedded systems can be described by Su Shi's poem "The Wall of the Western Forest", which reads: "Looking across the mountains, the peaks are different from each other. I don't know the true face of Mount Lushan, but I am in the mountain." For too long, AI of all shapes and sizes has been all around me, and we've been blind to it. It can be said that embedded started the process of artificial intelligence, the ultimate purpose of artificial intelligence is to achieve the replacement of human intelligence, human intelligence has "thinking" and "behavior" two ways, thinking is the independent thinking of the brain, behavior is the interaction between the individual and the objective world.

Most of the current AI falls into the former category, with siri and alpha dog being typical. To implement the behavior of AI, it is necessary to use embedded systems, which is now known as strong AI vs. weak AI. The "weak artificial intelligence" with behavioral capabilities is an intelligent tool, i.e. an embedded application system based on MCU, which has a history of more than 40 years. We can proudly say that microcontrollers and embedded systems started the historical process of artificial intelligence, and everything we do is those things of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a fundamental technological resource that has great potential to change the way people think and live and transform society. From a broader perspective, the era of intelligent connection of everything is coming, and the future will progress from "device-centered" to "user-centered" and "data-centered".

The industry generally considers three development stages of AI to include perceptual intelligence, cognitive intelligence, and general artificial intelligence (AGI). Perception refers to speech, language, images, gestures, etc..; Cognition refers to understanding, memory, knowledge, reasoning, planning, decision making, creativity, etc..; General AI refers to human-like thinking. Among them, perception is the most important aspect of human-computer interaction, providing the data base for AI. These three stages need to be progressive. At this stage, the goal of AI is not for machines to mimic the full range of human behavior, but to provide a practical service to humans by exceeding the level of human experts and having the ability to solve specialized problems efficiently in some specific areas.

And for embedded and artificial intelligence they combine various industry vertical applications with great potential

The embedded AI market has huge potential in various industry verticals such as retail, transportation and automation, manufacturing, and agriculture. The major factor driving the market is the increasing number of applications of embedded AI technologies in various end-user verticals, especially to improve services to end consumers. Of course the embedded AI market is going to rise also by the improved IT infrastructure and the popularity of smartphones and smart wearable devices. Of these, the market for natural language processing (NLP) applications accounts for a large portion of the embedded artificial intelligence market. The growth of consumer services is being driven by the continuous refinement of natural language processing technologies, as well as in areas such as: automotive infotainment systems, embedded AI robots and smartphones supporting embedded AI.

It's pretty safe to say that technologies like embedded opened up AI, and that the things we do are prepping for AI, so have you figured out how they relate to each other?

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