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Essential common network test commands (ping command)

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ping (Packet InterNet Groper packet Internet probe)

It is a DOS command that can check connectivity between two hosts, using the uniqueness of machine IP addresses on the network, sending an ICMP packet to the target IP address, and then asking the other party to return a packet of the same size to determine the connectivity and connectivity delay of the two network machines. So using it well can be very helpful in analyzing to determine network faults and detecting the speed of network connections. The following is a specific list of its uses.

1、 format:ping [-t] [-a] [-n count] [-l length] [-f] [-i ttl] [-v tos] [-r count] [-s count] [-j computer-list] | [-k computer-list] [-w timeout] [-R ] [-S srcaddr] [-4] [-6] target_name

2, a brief description of a few key parameters (other parameters in the DOS command directly enter ping enter will be described, or want to know more can go online to check the information).

-t: indicates that datagrams will be sent to the target IP without interruption until we force it to stop. Example: ping -t, when we execute the above command will keep sending datagrams to the host with IP

-l:Define the size of the packet to be sent, default is 32 bytes, maximum can be defined up to 65500 bytes. Example: ping 192.0.1 -l 64, here is to send a 64-byte datagram to the target host.

-n:Defines the number of packets to be sent to the target IP, default is 4 times. At this point someone might be wondering (if -t and -n are used together will "n" datagrams be sent to the target or will they always be sent? For example, if the -t parameter is used together with the -n parameter, the ping command is based on the later parameter, e.g. "pingIP -t -n 4", although the -t parameter is used, it does not ping all the time, but only 4 times.

A final note., in useping The command can be used whenpingIP, Or you can justping Hosting Domain, for example“ping”, This will automatically get the host'sIP and sent a datagram to the target host。

Here's a screenshot to give a more visual example.

Of which.

(i) The box is the host address to ping, I ping my own computer.

② "32" is the size of the datagram sent to the target host at one time (which can be modified with the -l parameter).

③TTL It's the survival time of the datagram(Time To Live ),TTL The initial value of is usually the system default value, As datagrams pass through each routerTTL are subtracted from the value of1, So byTTL The final value of can calculate the number of routers that the datagram passes through from the local to the destination host。 Number of routers passed=2a -TTL final value( among others2a Must be greater than or equal toTTL final value and the final number of routers calculated is less than or equal toTTL final value), I'm is your own computer so the number of routers you pass through is:26-64=0 size; A few more examples, If the finalTTL have a value of62, Then the number of routers passed in between is26-62=2 size; ifTTL The final value is30, Then the number of routers passed in between is25-30=2 size。

In addition, the value of TTL can also determine the type of operating system of the other party. By default, the TTL value is 64 or 255 for Linux systems, 128 for Windows NT/2000/XP systems, 64 for Win7 systems, 255 for Win8 systems, 32 for Windows 98 systems, and 255 for UNIX hosts.

④ indicates the status of data lost during transmission.

⑤ Delay used for each datagram sent (used to determine network connection speed).

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