EtherUniverse! Technological breakthroughs

Recently, Ether universe (ETU), an international project launched by technology teams from China, Silicon Valley, South Korea, Germany and the UK, instantly ignited the cross-chain technology industry conversation level, and EtherUniverse will fully deploy the world's first cross-chain network based on EOS.IO technology in 2018.

EOS. IO is a software, and EOS can be understood as Enterprise Operation System, a blockchain operating system designed for commercial distributed applications. EOS is a new blockchain architecture introduced by the EOS.IO software designed to enable performance scaling for distributed applications, however, EOS is not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but a token based on the EOS.IO software. EOS solves the latency and data throughput challenges by way of parallel chains and DPOS and is free for users to use.

In order to quickly confirm transactions on other blockchains, Etheruniverse innovates trust mechanisms by introducing miners, verifiers, and guarantors to jointly serve as verification roles. Verifiers and guarantors are also oriented on multiple blockchain platforms, and they can help the rapid verification of the whole system; secondly, users are mainly consumer roles in the ecology, and they will use ETU Token to purchase GAS to complete their cross-chain service needs.

In addition, ETU will be the first to provide a series of native applications and allow developers to develop their own cross-chain applications, the most basic of which can complete the asset transfer function between chains. In order to effectively motivate the community and ecological construction participants of Ether Universe, and to realize the ecological lubrication of the Ether Universe platform, Ether Universe issues ETU, the common Token of the platform, with a total amount of 100 billion. It is said that the app will be completely open source.

The founder of Ether - VitalikButerin - also spoke in a recent interview about the rapid growth in the use of cross-chain technology in the near future. As long as the blockchain is a truly open system where everything on the chain is signed and verified cryptographically, it will have no difficulty in monitoring each other from chain to chain, realistic acts of monetary exchange will be greatly reduced, and the exchange of physical warrants will become possible.

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