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Blockchain, DApps, Decentralized Applications, Ethereum

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Blockchain Product Manager、 architects、 developer


Blockchain technology has its origins in Bitcoin, Due to the inherent qualities of digital currency, This technology is used in Fintech The field is receiving a lot of attention, Particularly favored by the financial services industry。 merely, Blockchain technology in the ethereum(Ethereum) under the expansion of the, Already has the ability to develop a variety of applications, These deployments on the blockchain often contain internal token incentives and open source applications are called decentralized applications(Decentralized Application, DApp),DApp Just like the app now, can benefit every aspect of people's lives, The unique advantages of integrating blockchain at the same time。


Ethereum is a deployment and operation DApp back-end program—— Smart contracts(Smart Contracts) decentrization platform。 It provides a programming language specifically designed for contracts Solidity and the virtual machine running the contract(EVM) realize, Thanks to the open source ecosystem around it, Many open source tools, as ifTruffle, Ganache, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet It also makes it easier to write and deploy smart contracts。 at the same time, Ethernet also maintains multiple test chains, as if:Ropsten, Kovan and Rinbkey Auxiliary developer test contracts, This reduces the risk of deployment to the primary network。


The power of Ethereum is that it has not only built-in Ethereum coins that can be used for transfer, A decentralized platform for deploying and running smart contracts is also built around Ethereal。 Smart contracts are one“ High authority” Intermediate institutions, Anyone can use smart contracts to make a decision“ If... so...” terms of the transaction, Then deposit the money in the transaction in the form of taicoin。 Once the preset conditions are met, The contract will be executed automatically, Like what: Call the Ethernet in the contract to one of the parties to the transaction。

With smart contracts, we can even do business with unfamiliar individual traders in a situation where we don't have an e-commerce platform like Taobao!

The merchant posted a buy/sell agreement. The contract says (see below for details).

  1. The merchant has an item worth $1. The customer wants to buy it and needs to deposit $1 into the contract
  2. The merchant will ship after confirming that there is $1 in the contract
  3. Then after the customer confirms receipt, the contract automatically credits the merchant with the $1

If you think that's going to seal the deal, you're too young too simple. Because after the customer deposits $1 into the contract, if the merchant does not ship the goods, the process specified in the contract cannot continue and the customer cannot take the $1 out of the contract. So as long as the customer isn't stupid, he won't punch in the $1 and this transaction can't be completed.

Merchants can improve their sale and purchase agreements this way。 It says in the contract( See the chart below for details):

  1. The merchant first deposits into the contract1 a dollar, Prove yourself worthy1 The item for a dollar
  2. To buy, the customer needs to have to deposit $2 into the contract (think why it can't be $1?). )
  3. The merchant will ship after confirming that there is $3 in the contract
  4. Then after the customer confirms receipt of the goods, The contract is automatically put3 In the money2 Call the merchant for money
  5. The contract is remaining1 The money was returned to the customer

With this example, we were surprised to find out that two strangers can complete a sale with the aid of a smart contract without a middleman guarantee.

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Support tools

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