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Everyone can learn to program

While watching movies and TV shows we often see a computer hacker crack someone's computer system with a few keystrokes to get inside and steal information.

Whenever I see clips like this I feel like hackers are awesome, envious, adore and fantasize about having such skills myself.

I often fantasized about it, so I grew up loving computers and tinkering with all sorts of black technology, and volunteered for almost all computer-related majors after my high school entrance exams.

Now I don't crack random people's computers like in a movie plot, but it's still pretty easy to find a job with the skills I have now, and it's pretty happy and easy work.

If you ask what's the best job in the world, my answer is: doing what you love and are interested in, that's the best job!

Many people are interested in programming, but struggle to know how to learn it. Think programming is hard, I'm not good at math, I'm not good at English, I can't learn. I actually thought it was hard when I first learned it, but now I'm telling you it's not hard at all. Anyone can learn it if they're not stupid. The key is to see if you have the interest and patience.

The best time to learn something is now, and of course having an interest also requires a good teacher, otherwise even the greatest interest will be worn out.

Want to learn about computers, First you need to know it, don't think you know it all, you actually just know its skin, you just know what it looks like

You have to know its heart in order to communicate with it. You need to know what it wants, and it will make you a friend

So today Ape is going to be that teacher teaching you how to get to know the computer and how to communicate with it.

We all know that a computer is a machine, how do you deal with a machine?

What would you do if you met a foreigner in the street and you wanted to communicate with him? Shouldn't it be said that he can understand the language and say hello to him?

So in fact, the same is true of computers, If you want to communicate with it, you must learn a language Just as you want to communicate with the English, you have to learn English.

This language is a computer language, that is, a language that computers can process and understand There are hundreds of computer languages in the world, commonly used in C, C, JAVA, PHP, lua and so on, these are called computer programming languages.

And these languages are only the language that we humans can learn, for the computer is a high-level language, in fact, the computer can really directly deal with the language is machine language, what is machine language?

It's actually binary code What is binary code?

It's just a string of 0's and 1's like 010101

The reason why a computer can only process such a string of 01 numbers is that the computer works with thousands of miniature "on/off" electronic switches.

These switches are either powered on or off at any time

Or, the circuit has only two operating states: open or closed , so only the two states need to be represented by 0 and 1. A combination of multiple states i.e. multiple 0's and 1's.

Why don't we just learn machine code?

Machine code is a bunch of 0's and 1's, think about how difficult it would be if you had to represent a sentence or a mathematical calculation with a string of 0's and 1's, wouldn't it be a pain in the ass. Using only zeros and ones to describe something or to calculate an equation is a very complicated process. So humans came up with the idea of replacing machine language with other languages.

The high-level language is then translated into machine language by compiler software, and then the computer executes the machine language.

It's like you've studied English but your spoken English isn't very good and the foreigner doesn't understand what you're saying, and at this time a professional English teacher comes over to translate for you.

Since it is communication, it is both sides that need input and output. The above is about how to translate what we humans have to say into something that a computer can understand and process, so what if the computer understands and processes it and then feeds it back to us humans?

That would require translating the computer output into a language that we humans can understand , which is then displayed on the screen.

The ape will answer how binary 01 code translates into a language that humans can understand in the next article.

Follow my public number: the ideal keyboard to learn more about programming.

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