Everyone is talking about CNC, do you know what "CNC" is?

What is the CNC molding process? This article is illustrated and has video, awesome!

CNC full name "Computer numerical control", commonly known as "CNC". Automated machine tools controlled digitally by a computer to machine the blank material into semi-finished finished parts by tool cutting.

Suitable for production: single pieces or large quantities.

Quality: high surface quality, determined by the grinding and polishing processes in CNC.

Speed: Fast single-piece forming speed, determined by the size of the finished product and the number of CNC operating steps set.

Applicable materials.

Suitable for basically all materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramic and synthetic materials.

Design Considerations.

1.The number of axes of the CNC determines the shape of the finished product, for example a lathe can only do 2 axes of cutting (2 axes: i.e. x,y direction) while a milling machine can do 5 axes of forming (5 axes: x,y,z direction plus 2 rotary axes).

2.CNC can directly import CAD data into the workbench, material suitability and low cost, so it is often used by designers to create product prototypes, which is an indispensable part of the transition from design to production.

3.Simple or complex product shapes, the CNC process treats them all equally as multiple sequential points that can be joined for machining, offering unlimited design possibilities.

4.The cost of the CNC process is generally converted on a per unit time basis for the production of the finished product.

Process details.

Category 1. 3 axis CNC, the head can be moved in the horizontal x,y axis and vertical z axis, the forming process can be done with multiple heads, such as slotting, taper drilling, flute drilling and ball milling.

Category 2.5-axis CNC, the tool head can be moved in the horizontal x, y, z axes and 2 rotary axes, the forming process has the flexibility to cut in multiple directions with a single tool head to complete.

Example 1: 3-axis CNC face creation (diagram + video)


Example 2: Machining effect of 3 axis CNC with different tool heads (video)

Example 3: Other CNC machined products (multiple images)

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