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Evolution of Education ∣Artificial Intelligence becomes a compulsory subject, and Zhejiang, Beijing and Shandong have included it in the scope of the new college entrance examination

Big data analytics, cloud computing, neural learning networks, artificial intelligence, the advent of the 5G era, the rise of the Internet of Things, technological innovation in the technology industry, almost in every cycle, there is a process of renewal, which will generate different technological tools to deal with the advent of different times, and our children's education, also need to "evolve" to adapt to the needs of the new era.

From the perspective of the information industry, the first decade of this century will be the era of intelligent robots. With the in-depth reform of the curriculum and teaching materials of information technology education and the development of artificial intelligence technology, it is imperative to infiltrate the knowledge of robotics subjects and the prospect of robotics applications in information technology education. First used only in factories, robots are now used in everyday life such as entertainment, hospitals and homes. Robotics education will also become more and more popular, and can learn more comprehensive knowledge than computers, in addition to being able to learn programming language, programming, but also learn electromechanical aspects, so robotics into primary and secondary education is an inevitable trend of today's technological development.

Recently, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to introduce information about the General High School Curriculum Program and Curriculum Standards for Languages and Other Subjects (2017 Edition). This is the result of four years of research by the Ministry of Education, which organized more than 260 experts to revise the curriculum program of general high school and the curriculum standards of 14 subjects.

On the current round of new curriculum revision, we found that the new 2017 edition of the General High School Information Technology Curriculum Standards gives students greater developmental options than the new 2003 edition.

The new 2003 edition of the curriculum and the new 2017 edition of the IT curriculum

As the figure shows, the new standards significantly reduce the requirements for the use of basic software and significantly increase the requirements for programming, computational thinking, algorithms, and knowledge of artificial intelligence, open source hardware, and cyberspace security. Software such as Word, Flash, Front Page and Access may be withdrawn from the IT textbook scene in the new textbook, which will be launched in September 2018, and replaced by new technologies and content such as Python, Numpy and Matplotlib.

In addition, the newly revised curriculum standards for general technology and information technology include learning content and knowledge points in robotics, STEAM and artificial intelligence, and big data. One module in the General Technology Selective Compulsory Course is Robot Design and Fabrication, which consists of four units: robot structure and drive mechanics, robot sensing and propagators, robot controller, and robot control strategies. Also an optional compulsory course in this subject is a STEAM Technology Humanities Integration Innovation topic for problem solving and technology innovation in the form of thematic learning or project learning.

It is reported that the freshman class of Zhejiang Province, which will enter in September 2018, will use the teaching materials designed in accordance with the "new standards" and examine the relevant contents in the new college entrance examination. Provinces such as Beijing and Shandong will also follow suit in the future by including the subject of information technology in the college entrance examination.

About Ability Storm Education Robotics Activity Center

Ability Storm Robotics Activity Center is one of the first institutions in China to conduct STEAM technology education for young children aged 4-16. A series of courses are offered in block building, technology model building, mechanics, mechanical structures, electronic circuits, sensing and control, robot design and programming, robotics competition, 3D printing, Arduino open source hardware, and youth creators.

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