Exclusive Attendee Guide to the 2018 Rococo-Locke Imagination Conference

Imagination has played an extremely important role in the transformation of history, both in the agrarian era and the Internet era, and today, artificial intelligence is getting closer and closer to us, however, there is one thing that human beings can never achieve with artificial intelligence, and it is human imagination. In the future, imagination will become the core driving force of social development, and the era of imagination economy has quietly arrived.

On January 4, 2018, a conference with the theme of "Imagination" will be held in Beijing, which is the first Rococo-Locke [Imagination Conference] organized by Rococo Innovation Design Group. Ms. Ting Wu, the founder of I've Got a Guest, will be the special guest host to help the conference.

Thematic Trends Forum

This time, Rococo-Locke [Imagination Conference], Rococo will base on 13 years of design experience output of innovative design methodology, from the era of change, artificial intelligence, new consumption, new IOT and other aspects of multiple fields and imagination, and the future of in-depth discussion and dialogue, in the name of design, foresee new life.

round table conference

In the Internet era, whether it is the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries or black technology, it is possible to build consumption and experience models for new scenarios, and imagination can accomplish the expression of all these elements.

In this Rococo-Locke [Imagination Conference], Wang Zhengyi, Editor-in-Chief of China Europe Business Review, Gu Wild, COO of Phoenix Digital Technology, Pu Li, President of Segwey-Ninebot, Zhou Jun, Secretary General of China Smart Home Industry Alliance, and Wei Jiang, Managing Partner of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and Co-Founder of Rococo Technology, will bring a wonderful roundtable discussion on the topic of "Imagination Economy", which is undoubtedly a collision of thoughts and a dialogue of wisdom.

Imagination Product Release

This Rococo-Locke [Imagination Conference] conference forum site, there will be four of the most imaginative products for on-site release, the most imaginative products, the most innovative release form, to create a subversion of your imagination release site.

▲Rococo-Locke Event Review

New Species Design Exhibition

2017year, New Species Design Exhibition From Beijing Design Week, go through145 day, National Tour8 place, This Rococo· Lodger.【 Imagination Conference】 also2018 New Species Design Exhibition The New Departure of, Iterative upgrades both visually and in terms of content。 In addition to more than a dozen black technologies on site、 Outside the exhibits in the new consumer category, There will also be a service robot as a docent for this design exhibition, Leading and explaining to the guests in attendance。

▲New Species Design Show 2017

on-the-spot live broadcast

Netease Design, as the exclusive strategic media partner, will live broadcast the whole conference on the official website; at the same time, Volcano Video, as the exclusive live video platform, will also share the conference live; Himalaya, as the exclusive live audio platform, will live broadcast the whole conference on Himalaya FM, so [Imagination Conference] can also be used to listen!

If you can't make it to the event, be sure to check out Rococo Design Group's official Weibo page. On January 4, we'll be posting all the links to the live streaming portal, and Rococo's official Weibo page will also be the first to live stream the conference, so don't miss out!

2 days until Rococo-Locke [Imagination Conference], are you ready to talk to the future in the name of imagination?

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