Excrement of the capsule world

The future is always aspirational and there are many scenarios that come to mind as I've been thinking about what the future really looks like these past few days. Today I'll record a part of my imagination and share it with you.

The world I imagine for the future is


Like the grid system.

At each important node there are

such as hospitals, gas stations, parks, etc. now

public facilities.

For common use by people.

All of them live in floating capsules that

Capsules rely on optokinetic energy

Maintains all energy needs.

No more geeks and nerds for humanity.

Capsule men and women only.

Basically, a person's life

all of which could be spent in a capsule.

It is possible to do this without having to leave the bag.

Most people live in a virtual world.

After they put on their virtual headsets.

It is possible to run around

In the scenario developed by Virtual Inc.

Which we now have, too.

But unlike us in his time, the

People can also eat and drink in virtual scenarios.

I'll start with the following

The unevolved human function of defecation

Practice it in the virtual world!

When the game's protagonist enters the virtual scene, the

Walk on.

He had a sudden urge to poop.

What to do?

In order to maintain an image of civility.

He definitely needs to find a toilet first.

Then sit down.

Mmm... ah... ah...

Easy now.

So here's the question.

Capsule owner

pooped in the virtual world, after all.

Or did it pull in the capsule?

Both of them.

The owner lying in the capsule

When using the toilet within a virtual scene, the

The bed will then suck up his excrement and

while washing and drying his little butt.

So the main character of the game

The first was pulled in the capsule first.

And the mirror clones in the virtual scene

then perhaps because they forgot to flush the toilet.

Locked in a virtual toilet.

It's kind of like our souls and our physical bodies.

It is possible to live in two separate places.

As the intelligent reader surely knows.

The capsule manufacturing company must be in the capsule

Installation of a self-circulating system.

Otherwise one stays in an airless capsule.

It's a wonder you're not smothered!

After the bed of stool sucks up the excrement, the

Store in a high pressure sealed container.

Also placed in sealed containers are

the exhaust fumes that people exhale.

The stench of exhaust fumes.

Cut hair, nails.

Metabolic cells, etc.

Every morning.

The patrol's "exchange capsule" will drive by.

Take the old high-pressure sealed containers away.

Then replace it with a

New, empty, high-pressure sealed containers.

for the user to use the next day.

"Exchange Capsule" in two hours.

After collecting the

After sealing the container at high pressure, the

It will be flown to the main base "waste ground" for centralized processing.

The "waste ground" is usually the size of three football fields.

It's covered with pipes of every color.

Transmitted by excrement

Extraction of various substances.

The light blue pipe is divided into five thicknesses, the

Distilled, respectively

Protein, fat, carbohydrate.

Vitamins and minerals.

They were eventually synthesized into a nutritional tablet that

One tablet daily for adults.

Half for children.

It'll be enough to maintain the basic nutrients needed for life.

The yellow pipes are also divided into five types of

each containing

The latest knowledge, news, program updater, the

Toys and a cosmic brief.

Every night around five o'clock.

The "exchange capsule" is a combination of nutritional tablets and

Daily supplies transmitted in the yellow pipe are scaled

Distributed to each capsule in the precinct.

By this time, it had been exposed to nuclear radiation.

The utterly polluted earth of the

A large number of bright and shiny robots

It's being counted.

Big data on the activities of capsule owners.

so that a matching service can be made.

Like the robot that found the Q-tip capsuleer

Time spent watching cartoons lately

More time than it takes to watch an idol show.

It will then issue a giveaway to the system for next Monday

Cartoon set suggestion.

People in capsules never lie.

Because they know that

What knows him better than Mom and Dad is the big data that

Every time you lie.

But in a second it will be revealed by the system.

They don't even know.

What it's like to have a mom and dad of your own.

Because they're all

The product of artificial synthesis.

The capsuleer's daily routine is

Clean up lengthy procedures and

Disposing of failing robots.

In my spare time, of course.

They'll be looking for robots, too.

Playing chess, playing cards.

Raise your pathetic IQ a bit.

The Capsule World people can still travel through time and space.

Just like we do on vacation.

they can come over and visit our world.

Maybe you were asleep at the time.


That's all I'm going to write for today.

If readers are interested.

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