Experience the hippest AI experience with the Honor V10 now on sale with scarce stock

The V10 has been gaining attention in the market since its release, and has captured the hearts of many young users with its trendy and practical AI features, as well as its stylish and beautiful design. During the pre-order period some time ago, the Honor V10 was always in short supply and was out of stock. Now on December 19, the Honor V10 is officially on sale, however, stock is still scarce and you have to queue up online to buy it. I think that this phone is still worth the patience of the guys, not only cost-effective and AI experience is quite excellent, is one of the best models to get at the end of the year.

Honor V10

Honor V10 Honor V10 Honor V10 comes with a mainstream 18:9 display ratio full-screen with a resolution of 2160*1080. The compact body design allows the device to have a huge 5.99-inch screen but still maintain the grip of a 5.5-inch phone. Compared to the bloated body of full-screen phones in general, the Honor V10 bucks the trend and slims down with a 6.97mm ultra-thin body that is as slim as it gets.

Honor V10

At the same time, the Honor V10 is forward against the wind, using "gold" front fingerprint and internal screen rounded screen design, to ensure one-handed operation without pressure, the rear "big eyes" dual camera design, taking into account the visual effect and practical experience. In terms of colorways, the Honor V10 comes in four stylish options - Aurora Blue, Phantom Night Black, Beach Gold and Phantom Red.

Honor V10

The Honor V10 comes with an AI chip Kirin 970 with an innovative integrated NPU dedicated hardware processing unit, which offers significantly better AI performance than the CPU and GPU. The new heterogeneous computing architecture boasts approximately 25x performance and 1/50th power advantage over four Cortex-A73 cores to handle the same AI tasks. Taking image recognition speed as an example, Kirin 970 can reach about 33 images per second, which is much higher than the industry's contemporaneous level. Meanwhile, based on the hardware development of NPU, Kirin 970 will also launch deep cooperation with many partners one after another to create a new AI ecology.

With the support of NPU, Honor V10 provides users with the most intimate help in life, work, study and entertainment with the powerful learning ability of the Smart Engine.

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