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Exploring the Office in the Age of Artificial IntelligenceWE"ART100 Smart Tech Arts Festival opens

6month1 sun, “ The Wind Rises in the East Fourth Ring, new intelligent enjoymentWE” come round”, WE" ART100 Smart Tech Arts Festival at East Maple DepotWE" Grand Opening of Artificial Intelligence Innovation Base

WE" ART100 is an arts action plan championed by the Debi Group, As China's leading、 Specializing in cultural creation、 Service providers for the development of science and innovation enterprises, The Debi Group hopes that byWE”ART100 schemes, In the future will be assembled100 Artists, with100 kind of art form,100 Arts events, One hundred percent interpretationWE", interpretations“ we”。2017 year,WE”ART100 Beijing TiantanWE" and Suzhou GusuWE” The two sessions heldWE" ART100 activities, With Green Arts100、 Many domestic art institutions, including UE, enter into art alliances, Gathering top domestic and international artists and artwork resources, Co-curating dozens of outstanding art exhibitions, Communicate in a variety of art formsWE",“ we” concrete concepts。

this timeWE”ART100 thematic, It is an artistic exploration of how smart technology will transform and change the future of the human office, The event brings together advanced smart technology experiences from home and abroad, And robots.(18.72 -0.27%, examine a stock for diagnosis) Collaborating with artists in artistic performances, This break with traditional forms of artistic combination, A perfect illustration of the artificial intelligence era, A harmonious dance between people and smart technology, It also communicates that Debi's new, incorporatingWest&;East The office park of DebiWE" The core philosophy of the brand—— love each other、 international、 lead troups。

this time“ The Wind Rises in the East Fourth Ring, new intelligent enjoymentWE” come round” WE" ART100 Smart Tech Arts Festival, Specially chosen to be held during the International Children's Day on June 1, Smart technology experience area for children is also set up, Allow guests to interact with their own children, Experience together the impact and change of smart technology on future human productivity and production methods。

Just like the impact of Internet technology on the production methods of human society, the development of artificial intelligence technology has irreversibly become a major factor affecting the development of human beings in the future. By organizing such an event, combining advanced artificial intelligence technology experience with art and children's intelligent technology education, East Maple Debye WE allows participants to more intuitively examine the new relationship between artificial intelligence and human beings and the liberation of human productivity. In the future, with the help of AI technology, people will not only be physically freed from repetitive, inefficient work, but also mentally freed to devote themselves to higher levels of creativity. According to Bin Chen, this is where people and AI will form a new "we" relationship.

Another highlight of the WE "ART100 Smart Technology Festival is that for the first time, a new mobile 720-degree panoramic live streaming technology was used to broadcast the entire festival. Mobile panoramic live broadcast, unlike the previous panoramic live broadcast that could only be fixed in one scene, can move freely throughout the venue, and can directly participate in every game and activity, and can even interact with the scene in real time, allowing thousands of people online to personally feel the infinite possibilities of the future office in the era of artificial intelligence.

Located at No. 8 Dongfeng South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Dongfeng DebiWE is a 58,000-square-meter office building consisting of 11 single-family garden buildings. As the first artificial intelligence innovation base in Beijing's Chaoyang District, it will be fully artificially intelligent in the future and provide a more relaxed, comfortable and creativity-inspiring environment for the companies in residence. Mr. Chen Bin, General Manager of "Dongfeng Debi WE" project, said: "The park environment of "Dongfeng Debi WE" will introduce intelligent technology system and also have multi-level vitality space, receding rooftop garden, a lot of outdoor public recreation and sports platform, technological meeting support, artwork or art performance can be seen everywhere in the office area, just like this WE "ART100 Intelligent Technology Festival, even if children come to work with us, there will be different novelty and fun every day. "

It is reported that the brand "Debi WE", a sub-brand series of Debi Group, which stands for "Love, Leadership and International", has just celebrated its third birthday at WE on the Bund in Shanghai. WE" not only stands for west and east, i.e. the fusion of east and west, but is also a symbol of the future of the office. In the past three years, WE has been exploring and trying to break the traditional shackles of office space and explore a new way of working. As the third D&B WE branded park in Beijing, Dongfeng D&B WE will follow the operation concept of D&B WE and add a new vitality to the creative office in Beijing.

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