cool hit counter FID joins forces with IDAX to send candy_Intefrankly

FID joins forces with IDAX to send candy

Event dates: 28 May 2018 - 11 June 2018 (UTC+8)

Current price: $1.20

Activity rules.

1.50 HIB for users registered on the IDAX platform during the campaign period.

2.50 HIB for inviting a friend to register with a real name during the campaign period.

3.Free FID transaction fee during the campaign period.

4.80 FID for the first FID transaction completed during the campaign period, limited to the first 2,000 transaction users.

5.During the campaign period, FIDs will be given to the top 10 users in terms of trading volume (buy volume + sell volume and excluding self-dealing).

1st place: receive 50,000 FID.

2nd place: receives 3,000 FID.

3rd place: receive 20,000 FID.

4th place: receives 10,000 FID.

5th-10th place: equal share of 30,000 FID and equal share of 5,000 FID each.

6.The total number of rewards for this event is 300,000 FIDs, while supplies last.

7.Any malicious swiping during the campaign period will result in disqualification.

8.User rewards will be issued within 5 business days of the end of the campaign.

9.The final right to interpret this event belongs to IDAX.

About FID

Korea-based trading platform technology,Fidelium ofFortress By top-notch developers、 A team of actual currency and cryptocurrency professionals join forces to launch。 In the past, when users entered the cryptocurrency market, Need to go through extremely cumbersome、 Rigorous validation procedures。 If access to other exchanges, Need to go through a different validation process again。 For any overseas transaction, Additional validation procedures are more cumbersome。 While they are necessary for security reasons, But they are still complex and painstaking processes。 To address this pain point,Fildelium Successful development of virtual currency trading platform——Fortress。 To address this inconvenience, We have developed integrated trading platforms“Fortress”。" Fortress Integrating cryptocurrency and finance-related transactions inside one app。

In addition, anyone with the Fidelium App can apply for a prepaid debit card. They need to complete the verification process and apply through the app.

You can use your Fidelium Debit Card anywhere in the world, and you can also withdraw cash from Fidelium Debit Card-enabled ATMs. You can choose any supported coin for payment. All you have to do is select which currency you want to use, swipe and you're done.

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