Face Recognition Toilet Paper Machine Debuts at Nation Square Public Toilets

"Swipe your face to get paper out? Let me try," Auntie Gao from the northeast followed the machine's voice prompts, stood in the yellow recognition area on the ground, face aligned with the screen, and the machine sensed and automatically rolled out 70 cm of toilet paper from the exit below. "It's so convenient, I haven't seen it in other squares before, it works very well" said aunt Gao happily.

"Swipe your face" and you get free toilet paper. The newly installed face recognition toilet paper machine in the public toilets at the Nation Square aroused a high degree of curiosity among the public as soon as it was unveiled on December 18. In the future, when you go to the toilet, you will no longer be embarrassed by forgetting to bring a paper towel. However, the face recognition toilet paper machine is an intelligent induction device, if you have swiped your face once within 10 minutes and received free toilet paper, if you swipe it again, the system voice will indicate that it has been received, please try again later, and no more paper will be issued, which also prevents waste to a certain extent.

According to the Nationalities Square public toilet manager, "Face recognition toilet paper dispensers and dryers have been installed in each of the male and female public toilets in the Nationalities Square, and more than 200 meters of toilet paper can be stored in the toilet paper dispensers. Now the brush face for toilet paper is still relatively new, from the use of the past few days, some people, especially the elderly, are not quite adapted. "

It is reported that the 2 face recognition toilet paper machines are put into operation, in order to implement the work requirements of the "three" (water flushing, paper use, management) standard of the municipal square public toilets, the Square Management Office of the City Administration set up a trial run in the National Square public toilets, after the successful trial, to further enhance the civilization of the city square public toilets under its jurisdiction.

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