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Facebook Fun AI: Make people in photos open their eyes

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June 17, 2016 - I'm sure many of you have encountered the awkward situation of closing your eyes while taking a photo, but don't worry, Facebook has developed an AI feature that allows the person in the photo to open their eyes.

Facebook uses GAN technology, which is essentially a machine learning system in which one part of the system learns to recognize facial expressions and another part of the system repeats to create images based on feedback from the recognized parts.

In the case of "open eyes," Facebook's system both recognizes and replicates open eyes, which is not difficult to do with previous technology, but often changes the color of the skin around the eyes in a way that looks unnatural. Facebook solves this problem by including "demonstration" data, where the GAN understands how the eyes are shaped, colored, etc. The end result is very realistic, with no color mismatches or obvious signs of stitching.

In the test, people mistakenly mistook photos with fake eyes open for real ones, or they couldn't determine which ones were real, can you tell?

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