Facebook information leak: maybe humans are the biggest system vulnerability

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To this chick, what's so scary about a non-existent website with compromised information?

Today's headline.

The New York Times and the Guardian published an in-depth report exposing that data on more than 50 million Facebook users was leaked by a company called Cambridge Analytica and used to push ads to targeted audiences in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, thereby influencing the outcome of the election.

Mark Zuckerberg, the "programming god" who built Facebook's business empire, has seen his value shrink by more than $6 billion as Facebook's stock price has fallen.

This chick can't help but wonder what kind of genius the hacker behind Cambridge Analytica really is. Reading the film, I remembered that there was that one teenager in Germany who was incredibly gifted at computer programming, Benjamin, and perhaps we could explore a bit on him.

Today's presentation is a hacker suspense movie with an 8.0 bean rating.

Benjamin, the protagonist of our story, is ostensibly a typical young man of four, with no presence, no fashion sense, no friends, and no girlfriend. But at twenty-five he is a computer genius with an IQ of 165.

With a powerful sentiment, Benjamin, Mark, Stephen, and Paul form CLAY (clown laugh at you), and they hack into international security systems under the slogan of justice, successfully attracting the attention of both black and white, and henceforth embarking on the path of no return as the ultimate hackers.

Benjamin wants to enter Europol, but the organization is heavily guarded and does not allow outsiders to enter privately. I never thought a hacker would have a talent for acting, and managed to fool the gatekeeper in one second of theatricality.

However, he only had 2 minutes to spare. What does two minutes mean to a hacker? Meaning he was able to build an information network in the cafeteria seconds, and as soon as someone accessed that network, it was able to initiate an intrusion into Europol's information systems.

In the movie "WHO AM I, NO ABSOLUTELY SECURE SYSTEM" there is a reference to "social engineering", which is a hacking technique that actually involves information spying, psychological applications, and counter-surveillance techniques to generate multiple attacks on the human mind in order to achieve their goals.

It is inevitable that positive human thinking will always leave omissions. This has nothing to do with intelligence, the people who make the system and the people who attack the system are both highly intelligent, it's just that we think and use the system from different angles: the people who make the system think in the positive direction, thinking more about how to make the system work better and safer, while the people who attack the system think in the negative direction, how to exploit the weaknesses of the system and people.

Perhaps it is humans who are the biggest vulnerability in the system.

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WHO AM I, there is no such thing as an absolutely secure system

"The most effective and greatest of all hacking techniques, the art of fantasy - social engineering"

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