cool hit counter Farewell, announcers and hosts! How many of these black technologies that shocked America have you seen?_Intefrankly

Farewell, announcers and hosts! How many of these black technologies that shocked America have you seen?

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The "artificial intelligence host" is here!

At the recent 5th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Xinhua News Agency announced to the public that China's first " artificial intelligence host" has been officially inaugurated.

As soon as the first screen video came out, it caused a sensation in the Chinese news circle, please feel for yourself:

On the first day of work, it imitated Qiu Hao, a famous Host Of Xinhua News Agency.

From Qiu Hao's appearance, voice, eyes, facial movements and lip movements, this "synthetic anchor" is 99.9% similar to the real Qiu Hao!

Some might say that this anchor is a composite based on Qiu Hao's previous appearances, right, so what's the surprise?

But the shocking point is that this "synthetic anchor" utilizes a central piece of tech.

Artificial Intelligence and Cloning!

If, as in the past, the material is synthesized by the appearance of the material, then this "synthetic anchor" is unable to do anything other than the material.

The problem is that this "synthetic anchor" can say whatever he wants, and is not limited by old material.

If you don't believe me, check out the full video at

Not only does he speak Chinese, but he is also fluent in English.

Because of this technology.

Just a video of a real person can be analyzed, extracted, cloned your voice, your vocal line, cloned your body shape, your look, your lips, and generate another " you " directly on the Internet that can speak, host, and work on its own!

Today's Qiu Hao, is a living example!

Moreover, this synthetic "host" does not need to eat, sleep, can work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can continue to "evolve" and "learn".

Xinhua News Agency has even officially announced that from now on, just on the Xinhua client, you will meet countless "artificial intelligence anchors", all over the world, in Chinese, English, everything!

This artificial intelligence anchor can not only imitate the host's appearance, voice, eyes, but also his facial expressions, mouth shape!

The similarity is very high!

Not just in the hosting world, this technology can be applied to a variety of fields and for a variety of people.

This could be the world in 5 years.

1. This is the book of the future.

2. you can learn to cook, through holographic technology.

3. 3D pens that turn you into a magical pen in seconds.

4. This is a printer that moves on its own.

5, this is automatic manicure tool, there is a big wave of nail master on the way to unemployment!

6, super absorbent ground, no longer have to worry about urban roads water serious;

7, the future of computers no longer touch screen, but by "haptic".


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