Farlight Software Partners with Electric Companies to Share a New Information Technology Landscape

12month13 sun,2017 The national power industry two integration promotion meeting and the national power enterprise informationization conference in Zhuhai Convention and Exhibition Center grand opening。 The conference is organized by the China Electricity Federation, Implementation of the national energy strategy, Promoting the deep integration of information technology and industrialization in the national power industry。 Yu Chongde, full-time vice chairman and secretary-general of China Electricity Council、 Deputy Director, National Advisory Committee of Energy Experts、 Xu Jinming, former Counsellor of the State Council、 Li Ze, Deputy Director General, Department of Electricity Safety Regulation, National Energy、 Wang Jianwei, Director of the Department of Information Technology and Software Services, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and other leaders attended the meeting and delivered speeches, Chairman of CLP、 Vice chairman unit information technology department heads and representatives of electric power companies nearly400 Participants in the meeting。

As a mainstream supplier of information technology in the power industry, Farlight Software was invited to participate in the conference, Reported to the guests on the progress of Farlight Software's technical research in promoting the process of informationization in electric power enterprises。 Farlight Software has a strong track record in the field of management information technology in the power industry.30 Years of experience, We can say that the company has developed and grown along with the process of information technology in the power industry。 currently, Farlight Software with its rich industry experience, Relying on big data、 blockchain、 artificial intelligence (AI)、 cloud computing、 Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, Linking the upstream and downstream industry chain in the energy industry, Providing the power industry with everything from power generation、 transmit electricity、 power distribution、 electricity sale、 A range of information services for all aspects of the electricity consumption business, Helping the power industry accelerate the deep integration of information technology and industrialization, Smooth digital transformation。

At the conference on "Leading Power and Energy Development in the Digital Era", Li Meiping, Senior Vice President of Farlight Software, shared his thoughts on the construction of enterprise information technology in the era of artificial intelligence. He stressed that in the AI era, the key to building enterprise information technology is not technology, but a mindset. He believes that in the new era of big data and artificial intelligence development, enterprise information construction no longer starts with enhancing efficiency, but to realize value-added. This determines that the new generation of management software is not simply to move offline business to online, but to build a big data model based on real business, so as to build a micro-application and micro-service architecture of the whole business data center. In the new generation of management software, the front-end through artificial intelligence technology makes the system and the user interact directly, the back-end system deals directly with data, and the middle connects all kinds of micro-services and micro-applications through intelligent robots. Under this architecture, users can easily "handle" daily business processing, IT operation and maintenance, and other asset and equipment inspection tasks by simply talking to the robot assistant.

As a technology-driven company, Farlight Software has conducted comprehensive research on artificial intelligence technology, established the "Artificial Intelligence Frontier Technology Research Laboratory", entered into strategic cooperation with the Sino-German Institute of Artificial Intelligence, and conducted in-depth research on the application of machine learning, natural language processing and other artificial intelligence technologies. In particular, the "Intelligent Service Robot CC" allows the machine to learn on its own, allowing the system to operate and process through data to understand the business and provide services to users.

Farlight Software's innovative artificial intelligence solutions have been successfully applied in the power industry to help power companies realize value-added. In the future, with the company's in-depth research in the field of artificial intelligence, Farlight Software's innovative applications of artificial intelligence based on big data analysis will also create value in an increasingly wide range of fields and work together with power companies to share a new picture of enterprise informatization in the AI era.

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