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Fedora26 Linux operating system to be officially released on July 11

Jaroslav Reznik, director of Red Hat's fedora project, announced today that the Fedora 26 Linux operating system will be officially released on July 11, 2017. July 6 is also the date of the last Fedora 26 Final Go / No-Go conference, a Linux distribution that has been postponed five times in the previous six-month development cycle. Jaroslav Reznik said, "Fedora 26 Final 1.5 is ripe for production and will arrive on the second Tuesday of this month. Please look through the minutes for more information and thank everyone for their hard work."

Highlights of fedora 26 include the adoption of the GNOME 3.24 desktop environment (with workstation version), the default GCC 7 compiler, the SSSD fast cache for local users, the default system pkg-config and systemd-coredump configuration tools, and 48-bit VA on the AArch64 (ARM64) architecture.

In addition, Fedora 26 will feature DNF 2.0 as the default package manager, complemented by the latest Linux 4.11 kernel, with the latest Python 3.6, OpenSSL 1.1.0, GHC 8.0, Ruby 2.4, Golang 1.8, Boost 1.63, and other components.

Finally, the new system removes the xorg-x11-drv-synaptics driver and introduces a new version of Python Classroom for Python teaching and workshops.

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