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Fight Gym/Club in Jilin Province

Jilin Province is located in the northeastern border area, originally a nomadic place for ethnic minorities, during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, farmers were recruited to cultivate the wilderness, and the people in Guan'an came here one after another to cultivate their fields, among which many martial artists also came here to settle down with the army that broke through Guan'an, and they were busy farming and practicing kung fu in their free time, so the Chinese martial arts culture was spread in Jilin.

After the history, how many fight gyms/clubs are there in Jilin nowadays? I'll reveal the mystery for you.


Geographical distribution of fighter gyms/clubs

According to the incomplete statistics of Fight Big Data, there are 72 fight gyms/clubs in Jilin Province.

Among them, Changchun is ranked 1st with 18 combat gyms/clubs; Jilin is ranked 2nd with 16; and Tonghua is ranked 3rd with 10.


Classification of major items

Of the 72 combat gyms/clubs counted, 42 offer sparring programs; 20 offer free sparring programs.


Formation of professional/professional teams

Among the 72 fight gyms/clubs counted, 4 have formed professional/professional teams, accounting for 5.5%; 68 have not formed professional/professional teams, accounting for a whopping 94.5%.


Geographical distribution of fight gyms/clubs in local cities and counties

The Fight Data team has also compiled a map of the geographical distribution of fight gyms/clubs in Jilin province, so hurry up and take a look around and see if there is a place in your area.




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