Finally, you're here.,IOS11 system file, Jailbreak is just one step away.

Don't try it on a white person

Do not delete system files

bear the consequences

It's finally here! IOS11~11.1.2 system view system files, the software name: FilzaJailed, can view system files, means you can change the font, beautify the theme, beautify the icon, game hack, QQ, WeChat and other operations.

Later, I will organize the beautification of each tutorial, so you old iron, no need to rush for the time being, and do not try, it may lead to white apples, can not boot, etc.

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Support system: IOS11~11.1.2 system

Support Devices:iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X

FilzaJailed Notes.

Using async_awake exploit combined with the APP tool generated by the famous jailbreak system management tool Filza File Manager, it allows you to gain system access to iOS 11, but not Cydia, because joining Cydia requires bypassing KPP to do kernel Patch, but also to make roorfs, amfi and sandbox work, and the father of Cydia Saruik launched the core plug-in to support iOS 11 to do so.

Local installation method: (no ads)

Required downloads.


Password: jej4

After downloading, use Cydia Impactor to install Filza, to install this you need to enter your apple ID account password, provided you can't turn on double verification, it is recommended to use create a new ID to install.

Online installation method: (with ads)

Open in Safari's own browser at.

Select APPS-Tweakbox Apps-Filza-install

Online installation method: (no ads)

If you have purchased Fork IPA Wizard, directly open Fork IPA Wizard - search FilZa,or search: file manager, both can be used.

Font replacement method

Remember to back up the original font before replacing it to prevent messing up.

Chinese replacement path.


English replacement path.


English replacement path.


Keyboard replacement path.


Font package.

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