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Firecoin HADAX Innovative Community Value Industry Ecology Expected to See New Breakthrough

Consensus, value and community are the three most core elements of the blockchain system, said Sun Jingbo, founder of Aware Prophet, at the Tsinghua University Application and Investment Forum. Sun Jingbo's statement is a comprehensive overview of the blockchain system, and the community of the future will become rich in value and involve more people.

There are few cases of community value system construction and innovative exploration, and the recently emerged Firecoin HADAX super voting node is a good example. HADAX is a sub-platform of the world-renowned digital asset trading platform, Firecoin Pro. With the innovation of HADAX platform rules and the introduction of super voting nodes, Firecoin has made a big name for itself.

HADAX voting on the coin community-based rules are selected through a decentralized mechanism to select quality projects, the introduction of the industry's better reputation of professional investment institutions to assist HADAX on the application of voting on the coin project for professional voting and review, to help users screen out quality projects, reduce investment risk, the community value is reflected, the application value is also very obvious.

The first super voting node of Firecoin HADAX invited more than ten institutions to join, such as Bitmain, Danhua Capital, FBG, and Zenith, and HADAX has now identified 39 super nodes. The introduction of super voting nodes has allowed Firecoin to gain a lot of fame, and with it, more project parties have begun to pay attention to community building, and the HADAX on-coin model is driving the entire blockchain ecology.

The development of Firecoin HADAX can be described as a breakthrough. It is also reported that the second round of the "Super Node Special Coin Event" has begun. It can be seen that Firecoin's ambition to layout blockchain ecology is great, and the addition of super nodes is a proof of community ecological innovation. This model not only highlights the value of the industry and platform, but the future prospects are beyond expectation.

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