First Press Conference of World IoT Expo 2018 Held in Beijing

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IoT World Expo 2018

First press conference

Held at the Nationalities Hotel, Beijing

Live announcement

IoT World Expo 2018

will be held in 15-18 September

Held at Taihu International Expo Center, Wuxi, Jiangsu

The 2018 IoT was organized by

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of

Sponsored by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Science and Technology Department, and

Hosted by Wuxi Municipal People's Government

Wang Weiming, Deputy Director General of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Yang Xianwu, Deputy Director General of the Department of High and New Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang Zhizhong, Deputy Secretary General of the Jiangsu Provincial Government, and Gao Yaguang, Vice Mayor of Wuxi City, attended the press conference.

It is reported that the 2018 Object Expo

with "New Digital Economy, New Era of Internet of Things"


To be held.

1 summit

1 exhibition display of IoT applications and products

10 summits

16 event series

Compared to previous sessions

This year's IoM Large scale and high level

Rich in content and highlights

There will be 28 events of various kinds

Number exceeds last year's 23

The number of attendees will also be at an all-time high


withnext2018 During the Fair

Specifics of each activity

Note to collection

Wuxi Summit

It will be held on the morning of September 15 at the Great Lakes International Expo Center in Wuxi. At that time, leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions, leaders of Jiangsu provincial government, executives of famous enterprises at home and abroad and experts and academicians will focus on Hot issues such as Made in China 2025, Network Power and Smart Society We will exchange ideas, contribute ideas and build consensus, and look forward to the broad future of IoT and discuss the development of IoT together.

IoT application and product exhibition display

To be held at Taihu International Expo Center, through (a gap) 15-18 September, extend the period4 day。 Exhibition area5 million square metres, Includes IoT Communications and Platform Support Enterprise Exhibition、 Smart Manufacturing & Sensors Theme Exhibition、 Smart Life Theme Exhibition、 Smart Transportation & Telematics Theme Exhibition、 Smart City Theme Exhibition, etc. Five thematic exhibitions and interactive experience exhibition of typical IoT applications . As of now, more than 30 Fortune 500 companies are confirmed to exhibit, already exceeding last year's number.

tip (loanword)

Show highlights to look forward to

Industrial Internet、 wearable device、 smart city with andAR、VR、AI and other areas New technologies, new products, new models and new applications will be centrally displayed . The world's first LTE-V2X city-level application demonstration for Telematics will be unveiled outside the pavilion.

Summits and event series

summit forum Determined to be 10 games. It covers hot areas and issues such as smart manufacturing, industrial Internet, 5G and Telematics, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT information security, smart sensing, distributed energy, smart environmental protection, smart agriculture, etc. Series of events It includes 16 events, including: the new technology and new product and application results conference of IoT, the 2018 Wuxi Exchange Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of High-level Talents, the International Technology Transfer Conference of IoT, the IoT Developer Conference, the Smart Law Development Conference, the IoT and Smart City Summit, the Smart Education Summit, the Smart Health Development Summit, the Smart Sports Industry Development Summit, the Smart Tourism Industry Development Summit, the Smart Gas Industry Development Summit, the Blockchain and IoT Fusion Development Summit, the Smart Grid Summit, the IoT Cryptographic Application Special Summit, the IoT Investment Summit, the 2018 China IC Industry Development Seminar and the 21st Annual China IC Manufacturing Conference.

Avant-garde and full of attractions.

IoT World Expo 2018

Look forward to it together!

Source: Wuxi Bo Daily

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