First "underground" data center built with over 172,000 square feet

[PConline Information] Recently, the world's largest underground colocation data center was completed in Los Angeles, CA, with the purpose of serving mainly telecom companies and corporate users in Southern California. Based in Los Angeles, West 7 Centre is a full-service investment platform specializing in commercial and industrial properties, and the company currently has over 172,000 square feet of colocation space.

The halls of this underground data center are said to be supported by the two central plants where it is located, with a total of nearly 17 megawatts of power capacity output, a UPS power supply capacity of up to 3,000 kVA for the data center, and over 9,000 tons of cooling capacity. Currently as more and more IoT providers are looking for data storage services, it has led to a rapid tripling of the size of the data center infrastructure being built in the US.

The data center, operated by West 7 Centre, drives value to telecom operators and enterprise users in Southern California, and is not only the largest data center in all of Los Angeles, but it is also a key gateway to Asia.

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