Flower Shrimp Financial Wins 2017 Tencent Golden Penguin "Most Valuable Internet Finance Brand" Award

Summary: Being trusted is what makes the financial industry so valuable. Since its establishment, Flower Shrimp Finance has been committed to improving user experience and innovation. At the 2017 Golden Penguin Financial Industry Year-End Awards, Flower Shrimp won the "Most Valuable Internet Financial Product Award" for its unique insight and quality products.

On December 28, 2017, the Golden Penguin 2017 Financial Industry Year-End Awards were successfully held at the Shanghai Panhellenic Financial Club. The event was initiated by QQ.com and hosted by Tencent Dashen in conjunction with the Shanghai New Finance Institute, a leading financial research institute.

The Golden Penguin 2017 Financial Industry Year-End Awards is an annual celebration gathering the best financial industry in Shanghai and a networking event for the financial industry in the context of the Internet. In this event, representatives of the financial industry jointly analyzed how to break through bottlenecks in the era of mobile Internet, using big data to achieve zero distance interaction and communication with consumers, and discussed new trends in the future development of Internet finance.

The event is not only a financial industry innovation summit, but also the 2017 Golden Penguin Financial Industry Awards. Through the awards, the event hopes to recognize outstanding financial industry representatives and promote a more stable and safe sustainable development of China's financial industry.

When Golden Penguin rated the most valuable financial brands for investment, Flower Shrimp Finance won unanimous recognition for its steady upward trend. Looking back on 2017, Flower Shrimp Finance has always been committed to model innovation and pushing the boundaries of quality. In the presence of representatives of the financial industry and guests witnessed, Flower Shrimp Finance won the "Most Valuable Internet Financial Product Award". As of the end of 2017, it is reported that Flower Shrimp Finance has had a month of around $400 million in transactions.

Duan Nian, CEO of Flower Shrimp Finance

From the interview after the award ceremony, we learned that the reason why Flower Shrimp Finance has been able to maintain a stable development and become a dark horse in the Internet finance industry is inseparable from its accurate customer base positioning. It is understood that since its inception, Flower Shrimp Finance has been targeting young people as its users. In FY2017, Flower Shrimp Finance has been committed to innovation in terms of user experience and building user trust in the platform, trying to hold on to the younger demographic.

Duan Nian, CEO of Flower Shrimp Finance, said that how to build users' trust in the platform is crucial for the financial industry, and Flower Shrimp Finance builds users' trust in the platform through the following three main aspects. The first is the flower shrimp financial platform itself compliance and security, with the daily and continuous display of the subtle influence on the generation of audience, to establish the flower shrimp financial own brand. Secondly, the performance of Flower Shrimp Finance has been able to continue to grow rapidly since it started its operation in October 2015, and it is inseparable from the constant commitment to improve the user experience. Flower Shrimp Finance is enhancing the user experience by introducing a new lending model while building the trust of users in the platform itself. Finally, the flower shrimp actively embrace regulation and compliance, has been the Internet finance are in the wild growth phase, regulation can help improve the status of fraud in the financial industry, in order to further establish a safe cyberspace and maintain the user's trust in the financial industry. In general, Flower Shrimp Finance focuses on these three aspects to enhance users' trust in Flower Shrimp Finance itself.

According to Duan Nian, CEO of Flower Shrimp Financial, in 2018, Flower Shrimp Financial will further enable users to enjoy the fun-filled services provided by Flower Shrimp with the help of interesting wealth management methods based on compliance. In addition to this, Flower Shrimp Finance will further strengthen its cooperation with banks and other institutions. In Duanian's view, the online lending market will continue to exist in the future; China has a population of around 1.4 billion, but less than 300 million people are actually able to access services from banks and other financial institutions. The future of the financial industry will be a pattern in which online lending and banks are working together primarily and competing.

At this point, Tencent Golden Penguin's 2017 Financial Industry Year-End Awards came to a successful conclusion. 2017 has ended perfectly and we are looking forward to another great year for the financial sector in 2018.

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