Focus on 5G Telematics Xiamen Transport Bureau and Bus Group Sign Cooperation Agreement with Datang Mobile

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(hereinafter referred to as "Datang Mobile") signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on 5G intelligent network link, which will jointly build a 5G intelligent network link transportation project in Xiamen, promote the 5G intelligent transportation industry to settle in Xiamen, and make Xiamen a pilot city of 5G intelligent transportation. Meanwhile, Xiamen Bus Group has also signed a cooperation agreement with Datang Mobile for a 5G Smart Network Link project, under which the two companies will build the country's first commercial-grade 5G smart driving system on the BRT. According to the report, the system will immediately achieve L2 level intelligent assisted driving, and has the conditions to gradually upgrade to the L3-L5 level in the future, which will eventually promote the realization of driverless.

Datang Mobile, a leading 5G company with national influence under the Datang Telecom Group, will prioritize the best resources and the world's most cutting-edge 5G smart network technologies for application in Xiamen, according to the cooperation agreement signed by the three parties. Xiamen Transport Bureau, as the competent department of Xiamen transport industry, will take the lead in coordinating relevant government departments and enterprises to support Datang Mobile's 5G intelligent network link technology in Xiamen for early and pilot implementation, create 5G intelligent transport demonstration projects, and promote the formulation of 5G intelligent network link related local regulations and specifications.

According to Datang Mobile, 5G has higher reliability and transmission rates compared to 4G. 4G is solving the communication between people and people, while 5G can solve the communication between people and things, and things and things, so Telematics is one of the most important application scenarios of 5G. The 5G intelligent networked driving platform, which combines 5G technology with vehicle networking technology, can better improve traffic management and promote urban traffic intelligence by building interconnection between vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and roads, vehicles and people, and vehicles and cloud platforms, and is also a sure way to achieve driverlessness.

Xiamen BRT is the only bus lane with independent closed right-of-way throughout the country, with the characteristics of separation of people and vehicles, and all operating vehicles are unified and managed by the same brand, which is the most qualified transportation system in the country to apply 5G intelligent network technology. The first phase of the project will be deployed in the Jimei section to retrofit and optimize over 50 vehicles on the Express 1 line, and will deploy 5G base stations and networks along the route to build a 5G smart network application system. The project will achieve the following six functions. one is Vehicle safety against collisions, with all vehicles connected to the same platform, eliminating the possibility of vehicle collisions. the second is Intelligent driving aids to promote more optimal vehicle paths and more accurate stops. thirdly Energy saving and consumption reduction, optimizing drivers' driving habits, reducing bad behaviours such as emergency braking and stepping on the accelerator in a hurry, with a vehicle energy saving rate of up to 10% or more.Fourthly. Emergency takeover, where the L2 tier self-driving vehicle is still equipped with a driver, but in the event of an unforeseen situation where the driver is unable to drive normally, the system will automatically smoothly take over the vehicle to provide a higher level of protection for passengers. five. Capacity scheduling optimization, through the accumulation of data and information from the system, vehicles and passengers, an orderly capacity scheduling strategy and plan can be formed. Sixth. Accumulating massive amounts of big data for future gradual upgrade to fully automated driverlessness.

At present, the project has passed the evaluation of domestic authoritative experts, and will be the first commercial-grade 5G intelligent network connected transportation project in China after completion. Datang Mobile has joined hands with Xiamen Bus Group, Rail Group, Golden Dragon Group and Unicom to propose technical solutions for system deployment and vehicle modification, complete field surveys of base stations and road conditions along the route, and generate a high-definition map of the Jimei section. The project will be officially launched and implemented in phases at the end of June, and will bear fruit within this year.

It is reported that, based on the successful trial in the Jimei section of Xiamen, the project will gradually expand to the entire BRT system, and will be extended to "two passengers and one dangerous", public transport, rental, private cars and all other areas, and gradually make Xiamen a demonstration city of 5G intelligent networked driving. At the same time, the 5G technology provided by Datang Mobile is perfectly compatible with the possible implementation of intelligent rail trains (ART) in Xiamen in the future, as well as the operation of Golden Dragon's "Apolong" unmanned vehicle; Golden Dragon Group is already producing bus vehicles according to 5G standards, and the bus lanes on South Hubin Road and Jiahe Road under construction in Xiamen this year are also reserved for the arrangement of 5G intelligent network connection.

The signing ceremony was also attended by Xiamen Jimei District Government, Torch Management Committee, Xiamen Traffic Police Detachment and operators. In the next step, Xiamen Transport Bureau will jointly carry out the preparation of local standards for 5G intelligent networked driving, improve the regulatory system for intelligent driving from construction, operation to management, and promote the landing of 5G intelligent driving projects and industries in Xiamen. Datang will assist Xiamen in introducing the 5G smart network related industry chain, and may set up 5G smart labs and create industrial parks in Xiamen in the future to jointly promote the city's grand vision of eventually realizing a smart driving city and a 5G pilot city.

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