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Focus on Small Games, Tencent Cloud Game-Tech Technology Salon in Beijing Ends Perfectly

On August 25, Tencent Cloud Game-Tech Technology Salon was held in Beijing. Senior experts from Tencent Cloud and renowned game engine Layabox brought development technology sharing sessions with the theme of "small games" to colleagues in the game industry. Senior technical experts from both sides discussed in depth with the game industry practitioners present from topics such as Tencent Cloud mini-game solutions, LayaAir engine and performance optimization, H5 real-time voice solutions, LayaAir3D performance optimization, game storage technology, multiplayer matchmaking mini-game development experience, and how to play the QQ Play One platform.

As a new round of windfall, mini-games have strong market potential and have received great attention from all sides of the game industry. The salon attracted over a hundred game development technicians, and we have compiled the following content based on the hot topics discussed on the floor.

Tencent Game Cloud Solution for Small Games

There have been comparisons made by industry insiders, Develop aAPP The time and money cost of the game, Hundreds of mini-games can be developed。 definitely, Low development threshold, This has also led to an influx of small and medium-sized developers and indie developers competing in the market。 Small game development costs in the face of game developer concerns、 Efficiency and O&M, etc., Wang Yonghe, Product Director, Tencent Game Cloud Comprehensive explanation of Tencent Cloud's small game solutions to developers, Includes how to quickly develop small games with Tencent Cloud tools、 How to improve the download efficiency of mini-games、 How to handle the O&M dilemma caused by the instantaneous explosion of mini-games due to social distribution。

Wang Yonghe, Product Director, Tencent Game Cloud

In addition, Wang Yonghe also mentioned a platform jointly built by Tencent Cloud and Tencent's department of small games - TCB, an application development platform launched specifically for WeChat small program/small game development and operation and maintenance, providing a series of development group keys and PaaS services, deeply integrated with WeChat clients and IDEs, while supporting business service registration and management mechanisms, greatly improving the efficiency of small game development and operation and maintenance. At the same time, based on the characteristics of the socialization of WeChat mini-games, as well as the needs of elastic expansion and shrinkage and high concurrent bearing, he also mentioned the optimization improvements made by Tencent Game Cloud in the mini-game ecosystem and game architecture.

Performance features of the LayaAir 2.0 engine

Chunyang Zhu, the partner in charge of LayaAir engine and IDE development, gave an in-depth introduction to the principle and advanced functions of LayaAir engine, as well as the optimization principles and considerations on how to use LayaAir engine to bring out the ultimate performance, and a detailed introduction to the new features of LayaAir 2.0 engine and IDE.

Chunyang Zhu, partner of LayaAir engine and IDE development

Zhu Chunyang pointed out that the LayaAir engine was designed with the idea of simplification and ultimate performance in mind. So the engine API is easy to use and has extreme optimizations for events, loading, memory and performance, making it the engine of choice for large games. And it is the most comprehensive HTML5 and mini-game engine with language support.

The upcoming LayaAir 2.0 engine inherits the advantages of 1.0, and makes the engine more powerful and substantially easier to use through componentization, physical system visualization, 3D scene editing visualization, and other important features of the IDE and engine upgrades.

Especially in 3D, the 1.0 engine of 3D has been the most mature HTML5 3D engine, and the market share of HTML5 and mini-games in the market is over 96%. It has become the engine of choice for 3D mini-game development, and 2.0, not only has extreme optimization improvements in performance, but also adds more than 150 features. PBR materials and animation fusion are supported to meet the needs of developing FPS and high-precision large 3D games.

In addition, Chunyang Zhu also mentioned a LayaCloud product released alongside the LayaAir 2.0 engine, which integrates features such as room management, battle matching, frame synchronization, and custom server scripting, allowing game front-end developers to develop networked games without deploying a server environment or understanding the server language, and by calling API interfaces in the IDE.

Tencent Cloud H5 Game Voice Solution

As the market for mini-games continues to grow in size and the user base grows incrementally, their social needs are rising and voice capability support will be an issue for game developers. Tencent Cloud GME senior engineer Zeng Weiyi comprehensively introduced the Tencent Cloud H5 game voice solution and its advantages, providing comprehensive and thorough technical explanation and support for developers.

Zeng Weiyi, Senior Engineer, GME, Tencent Cloud

Tencent's Gaming Multimedia Engine (GME) is dedicated to providing voice services for games, and its H5 real-time voice module has three features: stable connectivity, excellent audio quality and very low access threshold. Access to the GME H5 module helps improve the stickiness of small game users and design a new form of small game social. Zeng Weiyi also shares his thoughts on the design architecture and implementation of GME H5, looking at how GME builds a highly available global access network; how to ensure call sound quality and reduce the impact on the game itself; and how to quickly access GME.

New features of the LayaAir 3D engine

accountableLayaAir 3D Engine developed by Layabox partner Guo Lei Highlights for everyoneLayaAir 2.0 engine3D physical、3D material (that sth is made of)、3D New features for animation, and for3D Game Development Considerations, And the way to analyze and optimize the game memory and performance to share。LayaAir 2.0 3D as opposed to1.0 In addition, many improvements and enhancements have been made to the, With high performance、 Easy to use、 Powerful and open features; Especially in3D Open engine aspect, Significantly optimized the opening of custom materials and some rendering pipelines。

Layabox partner Guo Lei

Guo Lei also provides an in-depth look at the new features added to the engine, such as new material features, new texture features, new animation multi-layer blending features, new physics features, new features such as batch resource release, RigidBody, and animation update mechanisms adjusted to real-time interpolation, and optimizations for art resource handling and physics components.

Tencent Tcaplus Game Storage Solution

Yu Yang, a senior engineer at Tencent Tcaplus (game storage), first analyzed the characteristics of small game storage systems, then introduced Tcaplus as a NoSQL distributed data storage service designed specifically for games, which can save costs while pursuing high performance and provide a full set of solutions such as non-stop scale-up and scale-down, backup disaster recovery, and fast archiving for the explosive growth and long-tail operation and maintenance characteristics of games.

Yu Yang, Senior Engineer, Tcaplus, Tencent

In addition, Yu Yang shared some past customer cases, and finally introduced the use of API access for everyone. Provides a detailed solution to the challenges that small games will encounter in terms of large storage.

Adaptation and development experience with Snowball for All

Wang Song, who has rich experience in HTML5 large-scale project development, WeChat mini-game adaptation and QQ Play, took the experience of adapting and developing Tencent's unique product "All People Playing Snowball" in WeChat mini-game as an example, and brought solutions to the common problems encountered in the development and adaptation of the matchmaking type WeChat mini-game for mini-game developers.

Wang Song, lead programmer of "Snowball for All

QQ The core capabilities of the Play One platform

In addition to WeChat mini-games, Tencent also has a game platform under its umbrella that relies on mobile QQ - QQ Play a Play platform. Li Zesong, a senior engineer at Tencent, introduced the current status and core capabilities of the QQ Play One platform, and explained how to choose a platform to make games through cases in the QQ Play One platform, bringing a preview of the latest trends in the Play One platform.

Li Zesong, Senior Engineer, Tencent

QQ play a play platform can be more richly expanded for the characteristics of QQ light games, Li Zesong introduced to everyone for the memory, play and other problems of the complete solution, and for the three pain points of resource lag, game package is too large, debugging difficulties, but also introduced to everyone the subsequent features will be launched.

After the 7 technical guests shared the development trend of small game industry, experience of small game technology development and operation and maintenance, they also had in-depth communication with the game colleagues present to answer technical consultation questions. Next stop of Tencent Cloud Game-Tech Game Developer Salon Series, let's meet in Shanghai!

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