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Follow Uncle Ma to decipher how to trigger accurate traffic in 2018

Taobao thousand people, the emergence of the crowd tag for natural search (accurate traffic) is more and more influential, sellers are only aware of the importance of the tag, so what aspects of the crowd tag to pay attention to.

I. Tag weighting logic

1.Large categories with high competition are weighted higher than small and cold categories

2.Non-standard categories are given more weight than standard categories

3.The weight of wireless is higher thanPC End weights

4.Strong tags are given more weight than weak tags

II. Classification of personalized labels

1.According to strengths and weaknesses

1) Strong personalized tags (A. Purchased stores B. Bookmarked stores C. Visited stores)

2) Weak personalized tagging (A. Guess your favorite B. Big data recommendations)

2. By target group

1) Crowd tagging

2) Product labeling

3) Store labels (formed by product accumulation)

Multi-category stores definitely have many categories of people, This is just like doingSEO One truth.。 Each product has a few main long-tail terms, Behind each long tail term is a corresponding demographic, That's understandable, right?。

Then each corresponding small group of people has a larger group of similar people behind it.

Third, the impact of personalized tags on natural search (precision traffic)

1. Strong personalization tags will be displayed first。

2.Stores with clear tags get more and more precise opportunities to be shown on new launches.

3.When the search demographic profile matches the store tag, relevant search behavior is shown first.

IV. Formation of personalized labels

1.The formation of personal labels

1) purchase

2) Add-on behavior

3) Collection behavior

4) browsing behaviour

This is the priority display order.

2.Formation of store labels

Points here for old and new stores.

1) For new shops the main categories are/ Shop Basic Information、 brief introduction/ Product Properties/ byword/ Detail Page Design。

2) For stores that have been in business for a while.

A,People who come into the store to browse

B,People who collect and add

C, the last conversion shoppers (where the yellow diamond buyers and back to buy home on the store tag influence the weight, focus on maintaining these shopping grade high account, the later do single product weight and top evaluation are of great use)

This weighting priority order is from bottom to top.

Yellow diamond buyers are treasures and need to have the energy available to do focused maintenance.

V. Embodied dimensions of personalized labels

1.Age of consumers

2. Consumer gender

3. Consumer occupational status

4.Consumer purchasing power (level of consumption)

5.Historical Consumer Shopping Preferences

six、 How to know your store's tags

1. Reference industry: business advisor—— market situation—— Portrait of a Crowd—— Buyer demographics

2.Infer a demographic profile based on your own market experience, primarily gender, income, occupational status, age

3.New stores can be based on the highest conversion of pre-store keywords, go to the "search crowd portrait" query, the same path as method 1 (remember to add the important attributes of the product words, such as the main do plus-size dresses, search terms must be added to the attributes of plus-size)

4.Query the category preferences of incoming buyers (currently only available to last month's data), which can be used as a basis for DMP to circle people when the store traffic reaches its ceiling (strong relevance of class target signatures for the search population)

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