Foreign media: hackers have targeted the PyeongChang Winter Olympics aim or to steal passwords and financial information

Reference News Network reported on January 8 Hackers have begun targeting the PyeongChang Winter Olympics using emails infected with malware aimed at stealing passwords or financial information, researchers said, according to foreign media.

Several organizations associated with the Winter Olympics have received malicious emails, with some groups associated with hockey as their main targets, the McAfee cybersecurity firm said in a report, AFP reported on Jan. 6. "Most of these organizations have some sort of relationship with the Winter Olympics and are either providing infrastructure or playing a supporting role. The attackers appear to have pulled the net wide open in this attack. "

The report said. The attacks began as early as Dec. 22 of last year, with emails using "impersonations" to make them appear to originate from South Korea's National Counterterrorism Center, which was conducting counterterrorism exercises in preparation for the Winter Olympics.

The emails actually came from a Web site in Singapore and instructed readers to open a Korean-language text file, McAfee said. According to this report, the document is titled "Co-organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the PyeongChang Winter Olympics".

In some cases, malware is hidden in text and then displayed in an image - a technique known as "steganography". According to our analysis, this implantation method establishes an encrypted path to the attacker's server, likely allowing the attacker to execute instructions to install additional malware on the victim's computer," said McAfee. "

We expect to see an increase in cyber attacks using themes related to the Winter Olympics due to the upcoming games," according to McAfee. "

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