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Foreign trade dry goods Indonesia buyer characteristics and customer development channels

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Indonesia is the most populous country in the world, but its industrial base is weak and its technology level is low, and many products are dependent on imports, while many of our products are very suitable for Indonesia's market demand. Therefore, Chinese products exported to Indonesia have big market space and advantages, and in today's poor trade situation with the United States, foreign trade exporters can shift their development focus to that country. Foreign trade for many years, contact with many Indonesian customers, and have done some research on this market, here to talk about their views on developing this market.

The following eight channels can be used to develop Indonesian clients.

1. Indonesian customs data

Indonesia Customs data is the detailed import data of Indonesian companies recorded by Indonesia Customs statistics, which is the real and reliable information. In recent years these data have been bought by some domestic companies for commercial purposes, widely used in the foreign trade industry, with increasing competition between data companies, some companies have launched free customs data experience, such as this website: , Indonesian purchaser names can all be seen for free, after logging in, you can also see more data.

In addition, enter "product keywords" in the search box above, you can get more buyers "with purchasing needs for the product"; after logging in, click on the buyer's business name, you can see some detailed import data for free every day, such as: the buyer's contact information, the quantity and weight of each import price, trading partners, import details, etc. You can change your keywords to search more often and get more information about buyers for free.

2. Indonesia Business Directory

Made in China Indonesia Business Directory:

Easy Home Indonesia Business Directory:

People can check out their main product and the nature of the company to see if they can be developed in depth as a client.

3、Indonesian agent

You can choose some of your old customers, do a comprehensive analysis and develop some agents from them.

You can also mobilize your contacts and find some Chinese Indonesians and develop them as agents.

If you attend the Indonesia exhibition, you can also make some local Indonesian contacts from the exhibition and develop into agents.

4. Indonesian social networking sites

For example: Facebook, whatapp, used by almost every Indonesian.

Another example: LinkedIn, although it is a workplace social platform, but the members stationed on it from countries around the world, all walks of life, all professional classes, including some target customers, target procurement leaders.

Using such social networking sites to develop foreign customers and get in touch with them directly is very effective and is being used by many experienced foreign trade people. Two things to keep in mind when using this method to find clients.

Do not add people, groups, or advertisements in large numbers, which can easily be blocked.

To send more and industry-related articles, show their professionalism, attract customers to pay attention to you; which is appropriate to intersperse some soft advertising, so that customers know what you do; this will not be blocked, more conducive to get customer recognition.

5. Indonesian Business Association

There are basically associations for every industry in Indonesia, you can Google search: product keyword + Indonesia + association to find product related associations, analyze and filter the association members to find potential customers.

6、Google Indonesia

Go to Google Indonesia ( and search for product keywords (+company name suffix/email suffix/importers/buyer/company/wholesaler/retailer/supplier/vendor/... ), after screening and analysis, can get a lot of potential Indonesian buyers, the method is very test of the salesman's patience, meticulousness. It is recommended that you master some Google search commands to help improve the speed of finding customers; colleagues who want to learn Google search commands can read this article:

7、Indonesia Exhibition

Domestic exhibitions recommend Canton Fair, many Indonesian customers will come to this exhibition to find suppliers.

If you want to focus on the Indonesian market, you can consider going to local exhibitions; there are many famous exhibitions in Indonesia, and many industries, so you can get in touch with more powerful Indonesian buyers, and help to understand the Indonesian market better.

8、B2B, B2C in Indonesia

You can Google some well-known Indonesian B2B platforms, post your products and wait for customers to initiate inquiries. Try this B2B:

If your products are retail, you can consider joining a B2C website, we recommend you to join Lazada platform, which is an online shopping platform in Southeast Asia, known as the "Southeast Asian version of Taobao", the threshold for entry is low, you can consider.

Characteristics of buyers in Indonesia.

1. Indonesian businessmen are slow to make decisions and business negotiations are generally long, but creditworthiness is OK. When dealing with them, you have to be prepared for a constant battle and must be patient.

2. Indonesians attach great importance to fellowship and are very old-fashioned. So, if you want to do business with them, you must focus on relationship building. Look to the future, treat the Indonesian businessman as your friend and show your sincerity in order to gain his trust.

3. Indonesians are very taboo to talk about topics related to local politics, socialism, and foreign aid. This one needs to be taken care of.

4. Most Indonesian buyers are modest and polite and like to laugh. Laughter is another language for them, so be sure not to look sad when you communicate with them face to face.

5, Indonesia's customs clearance is relatively difficult, to confirm with the customer that he can handle it himself; if not, you can contact a company that specializes in this.

6. Indonesians are taboo to pass things or food with their left hand, so be careful when communicating with them face to face. Some Indonesians practice Islam and abstain from eating pork-based foods, so ask when you eat with them.

7. Indonesians attach great importance to the passing of business cards, and when you meet with them, be sure to offer your card.

With the implementation of the "One Belt, One Road" policy, there will be more foreign trade opportunities in the Indonesian market, so let's work hard together.

Today's information content to this point, we actively discuss the information content, to the editor to mention more valuable advice, leave your attention, I will continue to update more powerful financial information content for everyone, so that everyone's life is full of fun. Bye-bye...

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