Foreign trade road of heartache that year, the customer's payment was cheated

The heartache of the foreign trade road ~ that year, the customer's payment was cheated

A: Hi Mark, how are you?

Hello, Mark. How are you?

B: Good, you?

Good. And you?

A: Not very good.

Not so good.

B: What happened?

What's going on?

A: Just heard that one of my friend’s colleague’s customer lost USD100,000.

Just heard that a friend of mine's colleague's client lost $100, 000.

The customer sent money to the supplier’s new account, but the supplier didn’t receive it and refused to arrange shipment.

This customer paid into the supplier's new account, but the supplier did not receive it and refused to arrange delivery.

B: New account?

A new account?

A: Yes, last week there are some hackers breaking into supplier’s Email system, sending Email to customers in the name of supplier, and telling them to make payment to another new account.

Yes, some hackers broke into the vendor's email system last week and sent emails to customers in the vendor's name and told them to pay to another new account.

B: Before pay the payment, did the customer call this supplier?

Did this customer call the supplier before payment?

A: Yes, he did, he was doubtful about this account, and called the supplier, the supplier’s English was not very good, and the phone signal was bad, he just heard“the account is same, I will send you Email”. But when he received Email, hacker changed it, and account was still the fake one. Also there was a formal notice with signature and stamp of this supplier, so my friend’s colleague’s customer trusted and made payment finally.

Yes, he called to confirm, he was just suspicious of the account and called the vendor, who's English is not very good and the phone signal is terrible, he just heard "the account is the same, I'll email you". But when he received the email, the hacker changed it and the account remained fake. There was also an official notice with the vendor's signature and stamp, so my friend's colleague's client bought into it and eventually paid.

B: Let her call the bank and freeze the payment.

Have him call the bank and freeze the payments.

A: Yes, he did, but 3 days passed, it’s too late.

Yes, he called, but it's been three days too late.

Mark, I just wanna tell you this bad news, so that you can pay more attention to this problem, and avoid it happening.

Mark, I just wanted to tell you the bad news so you can be aware of the problem and avoid it.

If you receive Email about changing account one day, don’t forget to double check with me by skype, or whatsApp together with phone, that will be safe.

If you ever get an email about changing your account, don't forget to reconfirm with me using Skype, or WhatsApp and a phone call together, it's safer.

B: Thank you so much, Jason, you are very nice.

Thanks so much, Jason, you're great.

A: You are welcome. We are friends.

You're welcome, we're friends.

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