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Foreigners say most of the "chicken" cheaters are Chinese, foreign users: yesterday my team was destroyed by someone through the wall

The phrase "big luck, eat chicken at night" is not unfamiliar to anyone, although I usually do not play games, but in my circle of friends often people either shout "open black" or "eat chicken". Chicken is a congratulatory caption that appears when a player comes first in the game "Jedi survival - Battle Royale". With the popularity of this game abroad, a large number of Chinese people have now flocked to it as well. With so many people and the game on fire, it's inevitable that there will be some outliers. The harm of plug-ins is not to mention that it affects your own gaming experience, but for online networked games someone cheating also affects the fun of others and defeats the fairness of the game.

Just recently a foreign netizen posted an article claiming that 99% of the people cheating inside the game of chicken are Chinese!

The article notes that the game's developer, Braden Greaney, said in an interview that "99% of the cheaters" are "from China. He added: But that doesn't mean that all Chinese players are cheaters, and the call by some foreign players that all Chinese should be banned from servers in other regions is "a bit of an overreaction".

As far as I know, the phenomenon of using plug-ins inside the chicken does exist, but to say that the number reaches ninety-nine percent and is so sure that it is Chinese, this is a clear bias and even discrimination.

What do foreign networks say about this? (The following comments do not represent the views of the Editor)

1, just yesterday, my whole squad was wiped out by a Chinese player named "Love Me China" who came through the wall. (Editor: heartache for three seconds)

2, the presence of free elements in the game is very necessary.

3, It's a complex balance, think about how much profit the Chinese market is bringing to Grini (the game developer/creative director) and how much profit the Chinese are bringing to him in terms of damage to the game's reputation. The money coming from China now outweighs the losses of those who exit the game. The tide will soon turn.

(Editor: In the face of interest, certain things are worth considering, whether to vigorously block external hang-ups or turn a blind eye to them? (Only they know)

4, Russians have been banned from the Winter Olympics for cheating, but yet not all athletes are involved. If the Chinese think cheating is acceptable too, then just give them a separate server.

5. maybe the remaining 1% are Russians?

6. If there are really so many cheating players from China, then banning Chinese players from non-Chinese servers would not be an "overreaction". If the game director doesn't want people to come to that conclusion, maybe he should avoid stating that statistic. It's unlikely they'll stop playing the game, they're just restricted to playing in their own area where they can't influence others to play because of their high ping.

7, No, it's not a good idea to ban them all, it should be smart to limit the ping of all servers. In fact, Grini himself has kicked low ping (or high ping) players on the server, but it's low ping Chinese players on both European and North American servers.

8. The only solution. It's a cold hard fact that the Chinese have ruined every game they've touched. They must be segregated from players who don't break the game. To them, cheating is perfectly acceptable, it's ingrained in their culture, and it will never change.

9、Can you tell exactly who is cheating in the game? I mean, if you die, you're immediately conditioned to say "you're on" to others. There are plenty of lags, glitches and bugs in the game to allow you to dodge bullets or get through walls. This makes it very hard to find out exactly who is cheating, especially on the Xbox version.

10, They will never ban Chinese players. "Oh, banning them is a bad idea!" Why? Because this piece of the market is lucrative. Do game developers care about money or an in-game survivor? Of course it's money! So why would they do something to reduce their revenue stream? Their past behavior speaks volumes about this.

End of full article. What do people think about this?

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