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Former CoinDesk CEO: Digital Currency Crash Is Coming

On Saturday, February 24, Ryan Selkis, former CEO of CoinDesk, spoke at Sleepless Blockchain at 3 o'clock to explain what he thinks will happen to blockchain in the near future.

Ryan Selkis sees three major trends or challenges in the future of blockchain.

(1) Decentralized transactions: speed will be lower, propagation higher, UX bulkier, but will change over time. Now all you need to worry about is how you're going to make money or buy your first digital currency. To have true financial self-sufficiency, you need a stable reserve of value ("stablecoins"), self-regulatory solutions, and decentralized trading. All three of these are emerging.

(2) Self-regulation: The primary challenge in regulating cryptocurrencies is jurisdiction. We need to look at the regulatory challenge from a different perspective, as there is no single global regulator. Without a global regulator to protect an official self-regulatory body, how can we reach a consensus on how to make symbolic sales nationwide.

(3) The Great Crash is coming. Seliks believes that all coins except for the three categories of compute, storage and attention will go to zero because there is no reason to use them for decentralized applications and most of them have no value.

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