Formula whites do not seek a simple trick to learn the common string function

WPSharmonyEXCEL There are a number of string functions in,LEFT/RIGHT wait a minute!, One minute counting from the left, the next from the right., It's a pain in the ass., For the highly meritorious" Formula Man" Naturally, it's not a problem., But it's a big headache for formula whizzes。 there is no" lit. one move leads the whole country (idiom); fig. a shortcut to success" What about the way? Of course I have., is the string function we are introducing today:MID

I. Explanation of the formula

= MID (string, starting from the first character, get several characters)

for example: To get the string from the:" cubeQ Brother Self-Media" in, obtain" self media" three characters, It should start with the first digit of the string5 Characters start, fetch3 Just a few characters。


Formula Application

This formula, LEFT and RIGHT will seem to be eclipsed, remember this one function is enough. Let's look at a few scenarios for application.

1.Obtaining a first and last name

Date of birth obtained in ID card

Formula Tips

To get a surname in a batch of say 10,000 names, the surname contains single and compound surnames, single and compound surnames mixed together, how quickly can the task be completed for a formula whiz?

For this problem can be nestedIF function, First determine if it is a compound or single surname, Then make sure.MID Parameters of the function, Of course it is." Formula Man" practices。 Formula geeks can do it the easy way

1. Filter out the names of single surnames and use the MID function to obtain the string of single surnames

2. Filter out the name of the compound surname, use the MID function to obtain the string of the compound surname

Two simple, if not grand, steps to get the job done quickly.

thought-provoking question

The strings in theA2 modular: " cubeQ Brother Self-Media", formulas:=mid(a2,5,3); first time out5 Characters start, fetch3 six characters, The result obtained is the string: " self media"。

Then: the formula reads =mid(a1,5,5) ; Will WPS and EXCEL report errors?

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