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Forum Focus∣2018 5th China International Big Data Conference Big Data Technology and Security Summit Forum

[Opening remarks]

The global digitalization process has accelerated, and big data has comprehensively penetrated into all areas of the economy and society, and deeply integrated with the real economy for innovative development. On October 18-19, 2018, the 5th China International Big Data Conference, which has attracted much attention from the industry, will once again gather the most cutting-edge opinion leaders and enterprises in the global big data field in Beijing to explore the future of the industry.

Based on the history and resources accumulated in the four sessions, this year's conference is further deepened and upgraded, and is dedicated to contributing a high-quality event for the industry with pure content and return of value to the big data industry. The column of "Today's Greats and Daily Celebrity Show" will continue to push the latest progress of the conference and release the exciting content of the conference in advance, welcome industry partners to watch the proliferation.

Big Data Technology and Security Summit

With the deepening evolution of the information society and the gradual formation of a widely interconnected IT environment, the development of "big data" in China has been remarkable, from concept hype to application and then to ecological construction. "Big Data" is widely used in various fields, and as a basic support technology and cutting-edge technology to deepen the integration of innovation. At the same time, with the deep development of big data applications, the diversity, extensiveness and complexity of data on Data Security Protection also poses new requirements.

The 2018 China International Big Data Conference Big Data Technology and Security Summit will feature big Data Security Senior experts and technology gurus from related fields came together to discuss the innovation of big data technology development and the security challenges faced under the new situation.

We welcome partners from all walks of life to actively participate in the conference to build a new digital ecology and seek new industrial development together. Conference cooperation consultation: 010-62882294

The early bird discount for the conference is on, register by August 31 to receive $528 off the original $880 guest ticket price for tickets!

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