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Foton strives to build smart manufacturing benchmark

[First Car News] On November 24, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a national pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing experience exchange teleconference in Beijing, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xin Guobin attended the meeting and made an important speech.

Xin Guobin pointed out that intelligent manufacturing is the key to China's manufacturing industry to keep up with the world's development trend and enhance its development advantages. The vigorous development of intelligent manufacturing is an important way to speed up the pace of building a strong manufacturing country and accelerate the transformation of economic development from quantity and scale expansion to quality and efficiency enhancement, and it is a concrete manifestation of the spirit of the 19th Party Congress with practical actions.

Speech by Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology

On October 16 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the list of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects in 2017, and among the 17 automotive projects, Foton's industrial internet project - "commercial vehicle intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project" became the only domestic automotive company selected. The successful selection of this project is not only the recognition of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to Foton's intelligent manufacturing, but also the concentration of Foton's achievements in the development of intelligent manufacturing for many years.

Forward-looking layout to build Foton's "One Network, Three Intelligences" top-level strategy

At the meeting, as the only automotive company selected, Gong Yueqiong, General Manager of Foton Motor Group, shared Foton Motor's exploration and practice of industrial internet from four aspects: challenges facing the commercial vehicle industry, planning, development, benefit evaluation and experience sharing of Foton Motor's industrial internet.

With the advancement of new technologies and the implementation of new regulations, automotive products are rapidly developing in the direction of green, new energy and intelligent network connectivity," said Gong Yueqiong. "

The structure and demand of commercial vehicle customers have changed dramatically in recent years, with a clear trend towards the scale of commercial vehicle customers and a continuous increase in the proportion of large customers and logistics fleets. The focus of car purchase is also changing from "price" to "total life cycle operating cost (TCO)", while the demand for personalization is gradually increasing, requiring OEMs to provide a total solution from product, service to after-market personalization. Facing the trend of the times, Foton, as the largest commercial vehicle company in China, on the one hand, further increases its investment in product research and development to develop more intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly vehicle products and enhance product competitiveness; On the other hand, we innovate business models, transform and upgrade the whole value chain of enterprises through smart manufacturing, industrial Internet, big data, etc., to meet customers' needs for personalized customization while realizing the transformation and upgrading from a manufacturing enterprise to a manufacturing service enterprise.

"Intelligent manufacturing" is an important part of Foton's strategic layout. Foton's intelligent manufacturing has deeply studied the international manufacturing development strategy, actively explored the Internet form and intelligent manufacturing practice in the automobile industry, followed the trend of change in the era of development, combined with Foton's own advantages, through the implementation of Foton's "one network and three intelligent" strategy ("one network" refers to the vehicle network, "three intelligent" is intelligent products, intelligent factories, intelligent management), and intensified efforts to promote enterprise transformation and innovation.

Gong Yueqiong, General Manager of Foton Motor Group, gave a speech on the "Foton Industrial Internet".

Technology-led layout of the automotive industry Internet ecology

Gong Yueqiong said in the report that Foton's industrial Internet is defined as "automobile + Internet", and its core concept includes two parts, one is to realize the interconnection with each vehicle throughout its life cycle with the help of vehicle networking to provide whole life cycle services, and the other is to realize the interconnection with each customer throughout the whole process with the help of mobile Internet to provide quality services in the whole process of car selection, car purchase, car use, car maintenance and car replacement, and to build the Internet ecology of automobile industry, so as to achieve the overall goal of transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to manufacturing service mode.

Foton's industrial internet ecology is to integrate Foton's existing resources and social resources based on industrial internet, big data and cloud platform to build a customer-centric whole life cycle value chain.

Foton's Industrial Internet revolves around three major businesses: internal enterprise, car ecology and car life. Internally, it continues to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise itself, externally, it seizes the Internet entrance of customers' vehicle terminals and mobile phone terminals, provides differentiated services, enhances customer stickiness, expands the influence and appeal of the enterprise among users, and continuously promotes the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.

Foton takes the construction of the industrial Internet platform (iTink) as the core, which not only provides efficient interfacing and interaction among Foton's various business systems as well as external systems, but also provides mobile applications and WEB applications for customers and related parties. iTink platform adopts the mainstream, standard and open source technology architecture of the Internet, using cloud computing, load balancing technology, big data technology, container technology, etc., supporting high availability, high load and massive data, using building block technology, realizing multiple protocols elastic access and industry applications highly configurable, constituting a complete secure, scalable and open platform technology architecture.

After several years of construction, the Foton car network has taken shape. The iTink platform currently operates more than 600,000 vehicles, with 2.1 billion miles driven per month and more than 2.2 million hours of operating hours per month for working vehicles.

Experience sharing session site

Chained innovation creates value for businesses and users

With the penetration of industrial internet into all parts of Foton's entire value chain, Foton has achieved extremely obvious results in its operation and management model. In R&D, marketing, sales, service, quality control and vehicle logistics, Foton Motor collects and analyzes information such as vehicle operation data, driver's operation behavior and customer's usage behavior through the industrial internet platform, so as to provide better solutions for users.

The implementation of the industrial internet strategy, especially the vigorous promotion of the construction of Foton's industrial internet, has not only laid the foundation for Foton's transformation and created great value internally, but is also creating or will create great value for relevant external partners. For example, through the application of the Industrial Internet, dealers and service providers have achieved efficient interaction with customers and improved sales and service quality; Owners and drivers enjoy high quality remote diagnosis, remote assistance, remote service, distribution and car life services; The supplier carried out data analysis of parts and improved the quality of parts; The fleet enables monitoring of safety and driving behavior.

In the future, Foton will grasp the opportunities of the times, adhere to independent innovation, deepen the concept of intelligent manufacturing and continuously promote the development of intelligent manufacturing mode in the automotive industry. Through the construction of five major platforms, such as the intelligent manufacturing innovation platform, technology service platform, results display and test verification platform, international exchange and talent training platform, we will create an industrial innovation model for industry, academia, research and use, and provide "Chinese solutions" for the development of intelligent manufacturing industry.

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