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Foxconn's "lights out factory" is a bit scary! Netflix: am I going to lose my job?

Foxconn recently showed a factory that had no lights on, all there was was one machine working by itself and no one in it, it looked particularly lonely. Factories like Foxconn's are the result of intelligence, and currently, Foxconn has decided to invest a lot of money on artificial intelligence, and such factories are Foxconn's choice.

Foxconn has actually always had this plan to replace manual labor with machines, and in 2011 Foxconn prepared a hundred "million robots" and also began to prepare for this by training its own employees. This is broken down into three steps, the first of which is to set up automated workstations for employees whose positions are more dangerous or who are reluctant to work. The second is to have the whole factory be automated and only set up a small number of people, and the third is to have it all automated. As things stand now, Foxconn is close to achieving its third.

In fact, the current trend, from many angles, the cost or the trend, Foxconn's choice is the right one. Since 2010, Foxconn's labor costs have grown and a lot, even double, so Foxconn's income is not able to be very high anymore, and it can even be said that it has been going downhill, and the only way to steadily increase profits is to get rid of the dependence on labor inside the market like now, and to reduce the company's spending on labor.

And we know that robots have the advantage of being able to achieve a high degree of precision, production efficiency can also be improved, after the reform of Foxconn, although the staff has been reduced, but the speed of the product is surprisingly doubled, so it is a good thing, in terms of intelligent manual selection, he has a particularly large advantage over manual. The development of intelligent artificiality makes us wonder if more people will lose their jobs, which can be scary, but actually there is no need to be afraid, the machine just allows a lot of repetitive work to go to be replaced and can greatly liberate the country's productivity.

Although it is true that many people will lose their jobs in the short term, it is actually very good in the long term, enabling many people who were previously engaged in cheap labour to learn new skills so that they can get jobs and the industrial structure can be gradually improved. In fact, in human society, machines replacing people for simple things is far more beneficial than harmful. But some of you are saying that it looks like I'll be out of a job soon! I wonder what people think about that? The comments section awaits you!

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