Frequent World Cup blowouts? No! The German lineage won't let you down

After 4 years of waiting for the World Cup.

I just wanted to watch a game simply.

Ever since watching Argentina vs Iceland on the night of the match,

It doesn't feel like this World Cup is easy...

I can't believe Messi's penalty didn't go in!!!

The goalkeeper who blocked the Ballon d'Or penalty is a director in his own right?


Germany 0-1 Mexico

Brazil 1:1 Switzerland

Germany lost as defending champions?!

Netizens say: summer in Moscow is a bit cold...

The rooftop's a bit crowded these days

Even the police Shuri came out to remind the fans that this is only the first game and there are 2 more to follow, so don't be impulsive.

Germany's loyal fans have said that they always believe in the steel spirit of the German Warriors. After all, Germany is notorious for its willpower and rigor.

This rigour is also reflected in his products in all fields, Coryny AI Smart Lock A disruptive product that the renowned German design firm KKD is proud to have created.

Using the rigor and craftsmanship of the German spirit to build, it gives Clinique AI smart locks an outstanding aesthetic experience, integrating the best of technology and art. Using nano-level precision technology and coupe baking paint, delicate touch, high-end appearance, lasting for a long time.

Clinique AI smart lock contains a new generation of artificial intelligence chip, using intelligent active defense system, self-learning user habits, unlocking fast, intelligent defense of home security, and will even actively alarm to remind.

Carefully crafted from the outside to the inside.

Coryny AI Smart Lock will never let you down.

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