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Fujian Daily Reporter Interviews Yongding-Born Founder and CEO Zhang Yiming

Technology must be full of responsibility and goodwill

-Interview with Yiming Zhang, Founder and CEO of ByteDive

Zhang Yiming in an exclusive interview with our reporter

By Fujian Daily APP - New Fujian, April 24 (Fujian Daily Reporter Lin Kan / Text Lin Shuangwei / Photo) During the first Digital China Construction Summit, Zhang Yiming, the founder and CEO of ByteDive, talked about the company's globalization strategy several times in public. In an exclusive interview with this reporter on the 23rd, the Fujian-born entrepreneur said that Chinese companies should make good use of their global allocation advantages to obtain the scale effect of globalized markets, organizations and human resources. "Especially in the Internet industry, where marginal costs are decreasing rapidly, a company's ability to grow globally will determine whether it can sustainably compete in the long term."

In these years, Bytespring can be said to have excellent results in the international market. According to the public records of App Annie, a third-party market data agency, ByteHop's products in the US, Germany and France, TikTok in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia, and Vigo Video in India and Brazil have topped the local App Store or Google Play overall charts several times.

The confidence of the enterprise "going abroad", Zhang Yiming is more attributed to the artificial intelligence technology capabilities accumulated over the years.

"Our AI R&D is mainly focused on machine learning, natural language understanding, computer vision and human-computer interaction, etc. Our advantage is that the results of these technologies are actually used in our products every day, while the products generate massive amounts of data every day, which in turn nourishes these technologies and drives technological progress. Whether it is the comprehensive information category of Today's Headlines App, TopBuzz, News Republic, or the short video category of Jitterbug, Tik Tok, the kernel is based on data mining artificial intelligence technology. "Zhang Yiming said.

Asked what kind of values a technology company should have as a company that is known for its technology and whose products have communication properties, Zhang Yiming said that Internet companies, especially platform companies, must take more social responsibility while enjoying the leverage dividends brought by technology for themselves. "'Technology must be full of responsibility and full of goodwill' has become the consensus across the company."

In Zhang Yiming's opinion, ByteDance has always attached great importance to the spread of positive energy. "On the one hand, we are able to provide content, forms and means of propaganda that are more accessible to the public to promote core socialist values; on the other hand, we have focused on strengthening teams and mechanisms such as the Content Quality Center (CQC) to ensure good content management and information services."

Zhang Yiming said that companies are currently strengthening their responsibility to fulfill three aspects.

Platform governance is the primary responsibility that companies have to take on. "To allow platform participants to carry out their activities in a healthy and orderly manner, ByteDance has also continued to invest resources in this area, including establishing a spirit dog system to combat vulgarity, working with the University of Michigan to establish an anti-rumor coalition, actively protecting copyright, and protecting users' personal information and privacy." Zhang Yiming introduced.

The second is the responsibility of STI. "As a technology company, development is the number one priority, talent is the number one resource and innovation is the number one driver. We have established an artificial intelligence laboratory, hired domestic and foreign academicians as technical advisors, and are working to apply artificial intelligence and other technologies to society and promote social progress. "

Finally, there is the responsibility for content building and information services. "As a technology company whose products have communication properties, we have always attached great importance to quality content and positive energy communication. In this regard, we have established teams and mechanisms such as the CQC to do a good job of managing content and information services. At the same time, we are applying our technology and platform strengths to the public good." For example, the headline search project based on Today's headline app found over 5,000 people as of March 16, 2018, including 1,797 seniors and 450 minors. Currently, the average daily headline finder pops up 70+ cases of missing persons, with a minimum of 10 lost persons found daily and a maximum of 29 lost persons found in a day.

(Source: New Fujian)

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