cool hit counter Fujian Provincial People's Government Portal Reposts the Summit_Intefrankly

Fujian Provincial People's Government Portal Reposts the Summit

Source of the following report: Fujian Provincial People's Government Portal

first session (of a conference etc) Blockchain Industry International Summit with Entrepreneurs held in Fuzhou

Fujian Daily (Reporter Xue Dong Duan Jinzhu) 13, co-sponsored by the Fuzhou Municipal Government, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and the Provincial Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, the first Blockchain Industry International Summit with Entrepreneurs was held in Fuzhou, with more than 700 renowned experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the field of blockchain at home and abroad attending.

The guests discussed in depth the frontier technology of blockchain and the development trend of the industry, and discussed the technology innovation and application of blockchain, and also brought the accurate interpretation of relevant policies, which are committed to promoting the innovation and development of blockchain industry in Fujian and helping the development of digital Fujian and digital Fuzhou. Edward C. Prescott, Nobel Laureate in Economics, spoke at the summit, "The Global Economy and the Rise of the East.

The Fujian Blockchain Association released the "Blockchain+ Action Plan" at the summit, including the Blockchain Incubator + Training Base and the Fujian Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which aims to promote the construction of the digital economy ecosystem and the development of the digital economy by local governments, universities, enterprises and other institutions within Fujian.

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