Full-screen phone adds another delight: light changes to flow in gold with X21 Black Gold Premium Edition

Full-screen phones have become the mainstream today, and domestic brands represented by Vivo are getting closer to the limit in terms of screen-to-body ratio. Since the release of the Vivo X21 on March 19, more and more people have been paying attention to the under-screen fingerprint as well as the full-screen phone, while the sales of the X21 are also in the limelight. Also, Vivo continues to innovate with each generation, so today Vivo adds to the full-screen joy by announcing the X21's new Black Gold Edition on its official Weibo account on the morning of April 19, with a new twist on the design as well.

In terms of design, the Vivo X21 Black Gold Edition features a unique fiddle line design that's as understated and stylish as it gets! It comes in black, but with the addition of a high-gloss gold ring border, the overall presentation is very different from the black version. It makes what should be a subdued black body suddenly spirited by adding a lot of gold elements around the camera edges, and in the mid-frame of the body. What's even more pleasing is that the X21 Black Gold Screen Fingerprint Edition features a next-generation full-screen design with a 3D black glass body, which is overall blacker and purer than the X21 Ice Diamond Black.

Compared to previous phones the X21 Black Gold Edition is creative and it incorporates a whopping 4 gold plated fiddle lines, which is a design that has to be seen to be believed. As you can also see from the revealed images, the sides of the X21 Black Gold Edition are completely taken up by fiddle lines, with the original black color of the bezel spaced between the lines, making it look particularly sensational. The power button on the right side is similarly gold in order to match the fiddle line design, again enhancing the overall feel of the phone.

In addition to the unique fiddle line design, its back also brings a new twist. The X21 Black Gold Edition is a much purer black, a bit darker compared to the Ice Diamond Black. In addition, the protective ring of the lens module and the Vivo logo use gold elements accordingly. That's why its back is so visually appealing, as the sheer black background color strikes and blends with the golden elements that glow with hope. In addition, this time the X21 Black Gold Edition is targeted at a different group. Compared to other color editions that are full of youthful elements, the Black Gold Edition reveals more of a business style with a lighter line.

As a milestone innovation in the full-screen era, the under-screen fingerprint technology has provided the best solution for many manufacturers to solve the rear fingerprint, which has consolidated and strengthened Vivo's position as a global shipment powerhouse once again. I guess the X21 Black Gold Edition will definitely be equipped with this technology, so that both young people and business people have a great convenience in operation.

Also, I guess that these highlights of Jovi AI will definitely be present on the X21 Black Gold Edition as it is full of business chic features and pairing it with this feature will make it more capable of penetrating the business space.

Overall, having an under-screen fingerprint as well as artificial intelligence X21 Black Gold Edition will catch the attention of more people when it comes to its appearance. As for its configuration, it goes without saying that being the Black Gold Premium Edition, then it's most likely to be 8GB+256GB and will it feature the latest Snapdragon 845, let's wait and see on that one!

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