cool hit counter Fun programming is here! Want to design a piece of your own? Then come on!_Intefrankly

Fun programming is here! Want to design a piece of your own? Then come on!

Driverless cars take to the road

Smart devices can efficiently translate human language

World's first artificial intelligence anchor emerges


The onslaught of artificial intelligence is unstoppable!

As technology continues to lead the way

More Occupations to be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence

The state has also placed an unprecedented emphasis on programming education in primary and secondary schools.

Programming, will increasingly become a necessity!

In Xiasha, unaware

There are already a lot of kids around who are learning to program, too.

Some of them even made their own work

That's 666 execution and thinking!

Here are a few of the kids' creations

Pixel Robot.

Seeing how good these kids are

Wouldn't you like your kids to try it out too?

Actually, learning a programming language is like learning English.

The earlier a child is exposed to it, the more receptive he or she will be.

Had to spit that out, though.

The quality of some programming classes these days is truly unacceptable

But! Just! In! Today! Oh, God!

The Mayor has good news for you~


attach importance to

point (in space or time)

Next weekend, New Year's Day

high energy warning

A "programming wind".

Goodwin (name) Unraveling the mystery of programming for kids

Taking you into the world of robotics

Every child.

All can create their own work

Get up close and personal with technology and be a little creator for once

Ditch the boring teaching style, get rid of the sleepy classroom atmosphere, abandon the rote learning mode, use the novel teaching concept, let students fully feel the real charm from the robotics course! Acquire knowledge in the midst of ease while developing an interest in learning.

Goode Microbots is dedicated to inspiring children through hands-on learning, allowing them to grasp the principles of the concepts and then understand how to apply what they have learned!

Outstanding work showcased.

Activity Benefits.

1. Learning the basics of writing programming in a virtual-realistic format.

2. Developing scientific literacy of useful and practical value.

3. Development and training of logical and creative thinking.

Activity Notes

[Activity Fee]

Member price: $1

Non-member price: $3

Activity time

Saturday, 22 December, 15:30-17:00

Sunday, December 23, 13:00-14:30

Sunday, December 30, 13:00-14:30

Monday, 31 December, 15:30-17:00

(Either one)

Event Location

Room 408, College of Automation, Hangteng

Application requirements

[Suitable for: Grade 3 or above]



Identify the QR code below

Instant Registration

Spaces are limited and first come first served!

Don't hesitate, now this

Registration is now open for the "Goode Micro Fun Programming" event!

The kids are here.

It's bound to grow and be rewarding

Can't you resist getting your kids involved too?

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2、5 Material Design Specifications from Google
3、ASPNETCore 20 viii Illustrated pipeline the story of the Tang monk sweeping the pagoda
4、Prime number filtering algorithm
5、Changing RD models in the digital age

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